Star Consulting Global : Addressing The Existing Gaps Within The L&D Industry Through Star Prolific And Innovative Training Programs

CIO Vendor Owing to the rapid innovations, the concept of continuous learning is receiving a significant amount of interest during the past few years. Organizations around the world are gradually embracing the novel ways of implementing Learning and Development (L&D) strategies to enhance the efficiency of their Talents.

Functioning predominantly across the L&D sector, Star Consulting Global is envisioned to add brilliance to people and shape up their lives significantly. With a notion of empowering individuals to unleash their true potential, the foundation of Star Consulting Global was laid in June 2010 by Ashish Singh who has always believed that "People are blessed with massive talents; all they need is the right skill set and mind-set, to become the best version of themselves".

Witnessing the hard-hitting truth of the Businesses where the technically advanced expert talents are often ignored or are unable to create the success that they are competent of, due to raw, unpolished, or unaddressed life skills and interpersonal skills, Ashish came forward with the exemplary idea of creating an ecosystem of focused, result-oriented and end-to-end empowerment solutions, helping the professionals to create magnificent success milestones, one after another.

Ashish further adds passionately- "Our mission is to help others lead their lives more Productively, Happily and Peacefully. Star Consulting Global is a performance improvement organization, targeted to Changing Behaviors, Adding New Skills and Empowering People to achieve their life and business goals. We offer World-Class Learning Solutions that are continually benchmarked against best in the industry and are targeted to making a difference to People and Performance.

"Star Consulting Global currently offers a varied range of Talent Empowerment Solutions: Training, Coaching & Consulting:

The offerings in the Training section start with the campus training programs, which include communication skills, presentation skills, stress management and time management, benefitting candidates who have just started their journey in the corporate sector. Going further, the second set of Trainings are the Leadership training programs, which comprise workshops for first-time managers, coaching and influencing programs, programs on delegation and feedback skills, programs on how to motivate team members and building trust, programs on customer centricity and emotional intelligence.

The firm also engages in performance coaching for the business heads of various organizations, by helping them to create a focused, effective game-changing plan that would catapult their success. HR consulting is third domain to which the firm hugely caters by helping the clients with talent development, virtual and in-person/virtual Assessment Centres, developing learning plans, human capital strategy services, policy development services to their clients, employee engagement initiatives, and more, within the umbrella of consulting as a wing.

Their leading-edge approach to training and professional education includes Performance Training Programs, Collaboration and Leadership Workshops, Motivational Seminars, Professional Skills Training, Executive Coaching, Transforming Firewalking based programs, Train-The-Trainer and customized modules crafted to suit the needs for each organization. For over a decade, they have empowered organizations, business leaders and professional speakers to live fearless and successfully through their
Transformational Interventions, Coaching Sessions, Online Webinars and Life - Changing Training Programs.

Introducing Innovative Training Programs
Under the pragmatic guidance of Ashish, STAR CONSULTING GLOBAL is not only empowering people in the best way possible since its inception but is also determined to address the existing gaps within the L&D industry through prolific and innovative training programs. Equipped with a pool of talented professionals, Star Consulting Global has been enthusiastically engaged to find the right resources as trainers, implementing experiential learning as well as training programs to overcome barriers and ensure flexibility of learning for the individuals.

"We are trying to address major issues faced by our clients including Succession Planning, Commercial Success, and Cultural Success. Where Succession Planning revolves around the context of finding someone capable enough for future ventures, Commercial Success is dependent on Sales and Cultural Success is about enabling the leaders to be more directional and compassionate while communicating. These are a few major existing gaps across various organizations which we address through our unique offerings and create phenomenal changes from the very foundation," says Ashish Singh, CEO, Star Consulting Global.

Introducing a hand holding system through various unique engagement systems, star consulting global ensures that the learning is not just sustained but is retained as well

A Result-Oriented Organization
Introducing a hand holding system through various unique engagement systems, STAR CONSULTING GLOBAL ensures that the learning is not just sustained but is retained as well. Exclusively committed to providing highly experiential programs to its participants, the firm especially ensures that tangible ROI is rendered to all its clients. The exclusive client base of Star Consulting is adorned with some of the top-notch corporate brands such as GE, BMW, Astra Zeneca, Barco, Berkeley, Ciena, TCS, MG Motors, Collabera, Hyundai, DBOI, Dnata, Fiserv, Grainger, Haier, ITC, Airtel, HDFC Ergo, Max Healthcare, Chambal Fertilizers, Radico Khaitan, Adani Group, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Tega Industries, Yokohama, Panasonic, Samsung, LG Electronics and more.

Maintaining its success consistently, Star Consulting Global has been able to witness the reappearance of 90% of its clients for a lot more. "We have a three-step process of engaging with a particular client, wherein we interact with them before the program, during the program and after the workshop. We also have various training and assessment models, through which we coach people effectively. Apart from these, we have a plethora of different other models, which are tried, tested, and proved to be extremely result-oriented. Those models are used and administered during our training programs", states Ashish Singh.

Striving towards success as a result-oriented organization, Star Consulting Global follows an innovative and engaging approach to maintain the repute of being a Benchmark setter in the L&D space. Awarded as the best training partner award by the Adani Group and many more, Star Consulting Global has always been a premium choice for new-age executive leaders to conduct training programs and coaching sessions for them as well as their organizations. Conducting and launching a very focused series of high-impact leadership training as well as experiential learning-driven programs, Star Consulting Global has recently achieved the milestone of becoming the first of the few companies in the world to start virtual training in an extremely impactful manner.

"As the world is changing, the future of training and development is going to be very interesting. Hence, we are targeting to focus on AR-based learning, virtual simulation-driven learning, flexibility-oriented learning, and personalized coaching driven learning. I think reskilling and upskilling is going to be the focus for the next few years for us, and we will be implementing different innovative ways of using technology as a platform," concludes Ashish Singh.