Parivartan4Excellence: Helping Businesses and Organizations in Enhancing their Performance and Productivity

CIO Vendor The Indian business landscape is rapidly evolving, necessitating companies to become more dynamic and adaptive to change. Through advances in areas such as best business practices, Lean manufacturing tools, automation, and artificial intelligence, technology is only driving this pace of change. Employees must now be reskilled and upskilled at a quicker pace, with learning opportunities that close technological and soft ability gaps rapidly. The lack of qualified, self-developed, like-minded, and highly motivated professionals to allow, instil, demonstrate, and execute the mission is a major gap in this domain.

Established in 2019, Parivartan4Excellence was set up with collective efforts of Sanjay Mahadik, Hindurao Jadhav, Shriram Date, and VikasGhate. Parivartan4Excellence enables and supports all forms of businesses and organizations in enhancing their performance and productivity, evaluating businesses and designing strategies, as well as assisting corporations in achieving their objectives. Through Organizational Development and Advanced Technology, collaboratively create cost-effective solutions, build competent services, and promote businesses and organizational transformation.

The motivation behind establishing the firm is to work for passion, knowledge sharing and knowledge management to build strong continuous improvement culture in the organization & to support the `Atmanirbhar Bharat Movement'. Sanjay Mahadik, Director, Parivartan4Excellence says, "During the early stages of our business, we faced significant challenges such as network building, demonstrating competencies, intensified competition, market unpredictability caused due to the Covid pandemic, and lead
conversions. Later on, we began to develop a broad network across different social media channels, engaging consumers directly and delivering cost-effective solutions backed by excellent support, with an emphasis primarily on implementation and execution rather than boardroom consultancy and training."

Providing Best in Class Services
Parivartan4Excellence offers a wide range of services such as Operational Excellence Foundations, OEE and Productivity improvement. Adding to this, the company also provides services like DWM, KPI & Performance appraisal system, Lean manufacturing techniques & Lean facility Design, Cost Out techniques to meet Revenue & Margin, AMC for Plant Engineering /Maintenance, Low-cost automation & Pick and Place arrangements, Machines installation & Machine refurbishment, and many more on the list.

Parivartan4Excellence's unique feature is that it provides a one-stop solution under one roof, with an emphasis on implementation and cost-effective solutions, as well as charging for value realization. Some of the major clients to whom Parivartan4Excellence have served their services so far are Indoschottle Auto component Pvt Ltd, Delval, Anand Group, Lubricare and JCB.

Parivartan4Excellence has joined forces with a network of highly qualified individuals with vast operational experience and with a record of more than 130 years of hands-on experience applying best practices in a number of fields. Parivartan4Excellence holds capabilities in transforming all business enterprises from diverse industries from mediocrity to best-in-class success standards.

Further, Hindurao Jadhav, Director adds, "Parivartan4Excellence receives a number of requests that are not in our area of expertise, such as AI, digitalization, capability evaluation methodology, robotics automation, and so on. We have taken a few steps, such as partnering with active technology partners, adding necessary domain areas to our portfolio/verticals, and offering one-stop solutions for addressing these requirements under one umbrella using a Cluster & Holistic approach that integrates all of our expertise.

"For the upcoming years, Parivartan4Excellence have planned to develop Real-time tracking, global footprint, IoT 4.0, and digitalization on the shop floor assisting their clients in achieving their goals and priorities by aligning themselves with them as partners.