Nikos Consulting: Striving to be a Change-Bringer in the Indian HCM Consultancy Space

CIO Vendor Nikos Consulting is a pioneering HCM Consultant that was established to reflect top-notch consultancy services offered at a competitive price for their clients. The consultancy firm aims to be a trend-setter in the industry which will benefit the clients and all the other involved stakeholders. Nikos Consulting wishes for a change in the consulting space and not part of a rat race. The three most prominent values that are embedded in the directors as individuals and the extension of the same into the fabric of the organization are (a) Empathy (b) Transparency (c) Resilience. The three were to be distinguishing factors from other service providers. All the three are ingredients as inputs while working on projects related to recruitments or advisory services or any other human capital assignment and it leads to a winning outcome for their end customers. And Nikos Consulting believes that this is the hall mark of a stable and high graded solution.

Adding more about the services that the company offers, Shalini Mohan who is the founder of Nikos Consulting says, "The range of services fall in three areas (a) Talent Acquisition (b) Talent & process outsourcing (c) HR Advisory Services. On talent acquisition, we offer complete end to end hiring solutions. We wear the client hat and recruit the people. It is important to think like our client. The candidate should think that we are an extended arm or an integral part of the client organization as recruiters. Our conversation must mirror the thoughts of the client organization. Clients outsource their people with us. We help the client to inculcate the same set of values or process orientation to the outsourced employees as their regular
inhouse or on roll employees. The reason being the same set of employees are also facilitating the achievement of client vision and they need to be aligned with the internal ethos and expectations. The outsourced HR process efficiencies also need to mirror the in-house processes managed by the clients or the results would be starkly different from the expectations. On HR advisory services, culturally we immerse ourselves with the client. It is followed later by the changes that we suggest to a client that brings structuring of processes and change in people orientation and so on..

The range of services fall in three areas (a) Talent Acquisition (b) Talent & process outsourcing (c) HR Advisory Services. On talent acquisition, we offer complete end to end hiring solutions

While talking about how the company meets the requirements of their clients and how they are aiming to work in the ever-evolving business realm, Sunil Srivastava, Founder, Nikos Consulting says, "We make sure that we understand the vision and organizational culture of our clients which helps us to get candidates that will be the best suited for them. Apart from just using the latest technologies, the expertise of our team and the market research that we conduct ensures that we are always one of the top two hiring partners for our clients. The quality of our services is also showcased in the fact that the majority of our clients comes to us through references. We follow a similar approach while taking the advisory services assignments. Going forward, we are exploring various options impatiently to apply technology related tools such as AI driven platforms to convert the present processes much more efficient and precise in managing theclient needs in selection of candidates. It would lead to cost optimization as an added benefit, and we believe that digitization is the key to achieving consistent improvement. In the coming years, we would design the recruitment life cycle with minimum disruption and with much more efficient outcomes for our clients. Through all this, we are aiming to be a market leader in the industry as well."