Electro Power Solution: A Powerhouse of MEP Consultraders Spearheaded by Third-Generation Leaders

CIO Vendor Playing a crucial role in deciding a perfect electrical setup for any premises, MEP Consultancy requires a lot of professional and technical interventions to prepare the whole chart and consult the project. Although MEP consultancy has been an exclusively transcending factor in terms of safety aspects of the premises, most of the firms operating in this arena do not have a first-hand experience of all the products and define their practical usability as well durability.

Addressing these gaps innovatively, Electro Power Solution (EPS) has emerged as a powerhouse of MEP consultancy spearheaded by third-generation leaders. Although EPS was established in 2019, its foundation was laid in 1960 making an infant with more than 6 decades of experience. Nourished with the expertise of 2 generations who wrought tirelessly to become proficient traders and distributors of this domain, EPS is currently under the navigation of third-gen leaders who have taken the rein into their hands to innovate the operations and to take the business to great heights.

EPS offers A-Z electrical products, Top-Rated Brands, and premium quality services under one roof via three divisions comprising of the Distribution division, Retail division and CSA division. Through Distribution division EPS distributes products like Wires, Cables, Switches, Automation & Conduits Accessories, and through the Retail division where it has a live display showroom, the customers can experience a wide variety of products likes lights, fans, switches, home automation, industrial switchgear, conduits accessories, lugs, glands and more. Through the third division which is CSA, the firm provides Branding, Promotion, Marketing & Admin services to the companies to drive their sales in the allocated area.

“We are CSA for Schneider Electric in Mumbai and we are responsible to drive sales of the company in the Mumbai region along with promotion and
branding services. Also, we are responsible for deciding the credit terms and giving the payment security to the company while deciding the final product pricing and schemes based on the budget allocated by the company. In simple words, we act as the face of the company in the allocated area for sales, branding, promotion and admin services and keep a control on the market to maintain harmony among the dealers,” shares Harshil Doshi, Founder, Electro Power Solutions.

Associated with more than 50 architects and interior designers for their electrical requirements for more than 250-300 projects annually Pan India, EPS caters to more than 400 Dealers under one basket. “We are a company who can place itself in the volume sales business, in the retail business, can help a project to source all electrical requirements and can help a customer to source all electrical products under one roof, mean-while providing services to the companies for their sales, branding and promotions.

We act as the face of the company in the allocated area for sales, branding, promotion and admin services and keep a control on the market to maintain harmony among the dealers

With a B2B & B2C Client base, we serve these turn-key contractors and companies to source all their electrical requirements for all their projects across India like Diesel, Hamleys, Tanishq, Titan Watches, Titan Eye, Satya Paul, Jinni & Johnny, Manyavaar, White Crow, TBZ Jewelers, Giorgio Armani, Spykar, Marks & Spencer’s and many such more projects Pan-India. We have also been awarded for Best Channel Partners from Polycab India Ltd, RR Kabels Pvt Ltd, Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd, Havells India Ltd, Goldmedal Electricals Pvt Ltd, and more.” States Harshil Doshi.

Planning to increase its product basket strategically to help the customers get a One-Stop-Shoppe-Solution, EPS is developing a model in regards to the Inventory, Scheme Allocation, Budget allocation, Sales, Promotions, Marketing & Services for the assigned area. “This will make our company a Total Solution company which provides services, products and consultations to the clients as the clients can get firsthand experience consultation from us. We also wish to expand our presence and our display showrooms across the state and eventually across India to evolve as National Distributors and National Channel Partners while maintaining the aura of being the ‘consultraders’,” concludes Harshil Doshi.