Solvix Focus Pvt. Ltd.: Focused to Alleviate India’s Unemployment Challenges

CIO Vendor Being the second most populous country in the world, India has its own set of opportunities as well as challenges. Providing jobs to millions of educated youth who aspire to raise high in their career ladder is one of the biggest challenges the country faces today. Statistics also suggest that there is an imbalance in the number of jobs generated compared to the number of deserving candidates applying. While the current government is already working hard to provide more job opportunities, few motivated individuals have also come forward to provide a helping hand to help overcome this challenge. P. Lakshmi Rao is one such person. In a bid to alleviate the unemployment problem, she founded Solvix Focus India, along with her siblings Cherukuru Naveen Rao and Cherukuru Navaratna, Directors, primarily to create employment opportunities for the deserving youths.

Solvix provides comprehensive recruitment solutions in several vertical for experienced as well as non-experienced candidates

With every passing generation, more and more companies are adapting to the industry standard HR practices to grow their business. Highlighting the current HR trends Lakshmi adds, “The overall market trend reflects that the need for consultants has risen consistently over the years. Working like a family member with our clients, we guide them in all their professional needs.”
Solvix has had to solve some of the critical business issues it faced during its early years among its candidates which resulted in building trust with its customers. To overcome these issues, the company started providing 3 training programs on its own expense. Gradually the scenario changed. Lakshmi explains further, “Placing a fresher is much more difficult since they have less work ethics and commitment towards the job. Understandably, it’s a concern for the clients who invest their valuable time and money on the candidates.”
Solvix provides comprehensive recruitment solutions in several vertical for experienced as well as non-experienced candidates. Right from application staging, scheduling preliminary interviews, outlining job profiles and negotiating pay packages, the company handles everything for its clients. The company’s array of services include Executive search, Corporate Trainings and Recruitment/Campus Recruitments. For each candidate, it documents his/her team performance, interpersonal relationship, behavioral performance, and the sustainable time. During the recruitment process, it ensures that the company follows a meticulously designed evaluation process all throughout starting from telephonic rounds, face to face interviews and written questionnaire sessions.
Although Solvix was incepted in 2009 as a proprietorship, in 2012 the company was transformed into a private limited company. It has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as GMR, GVK BIO, HCL –Healthcare, Bpo, IT all sectors, Tech Mahindra, SEMENTEC, and many more. Solvix is now planning to venture into the fashion industry to further diversify its offerings. Describing company’s thrust in the coming years Lakshmi says, “Globally we want to grow Solvix and in that process would like to alleviate unemployment problems as far as possible.” In the coming years, Solvix is planning to setup more number of branches, franchises and satisfied clients. By the end of 2016, Solvix envisions to deliver one Lakh jobs in the country and abroad.
Apart from its immense list of services, Solvix’s “Travel portal”, which is exclusively managed by Mr. Anuj Srivastav leveraging 17 years of experience in Airlines Industry, offers the widest range of travel options like Flight, Hotel and Luxury bus booking etc. across the world. “Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else's path unless you're in the quandary and you're lost. Once you eye a path by all means you should try to follow that,” saying this Lakshmi concludes.