Atiitya Training & HR Consultants: Delivering Leadership Development Solutions through Interventions

CIO Vendor The Indian human capital market is vast and so are the opportunities in every sector related to it. Today, the entire corporate world is in search of ways to burgeon the business along with its human resource and scale it up to the global expectation. A few years ago, when a Pune based engineering giant approached Atiitya Training & HR Consultants Pvt. Ltd., to sort out their challenges related to attrition; they were anticipating short-term consulting guidance. However, perceiving the true needs of the organization, Atiitya offered them unique mentoring for three consecutive years, in which both the senior leaders and employees were involved. Today, the organization enjoys a smooth sailing business with Atiitya’s backup.
Atiitya was incorporated in the year 2004, to partner with Organizations worldwide for Leadership development. Today Atiitya provides end to end solutions in talent management and leadership development at various management levels in variety of industries. Atiitya partners with multiple consulting firms outside India to offer Leadership solutions in various countries outside India. “We help our clients to develop a leadership culture within the organization, which will influence the manner in which the leaders make decisions, take actions, treat their people, grow their future leaders, etc. When they work with us, they are also able to create a common culture of development across levels in the organization,” says Suman Nair MD & CEO, Atiitya Training & HR Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
To keep up in the race with established MNCs and to find their own space in the market was challenging for Atiitya during their initial days.
Suman adds “We had to really ensure a lot of quality work and the follow-up mechanism we offered to all learning programs. This helped us to set our foot firmly in the space.”.Being a game changer in the Talent management space, her firm provides full fledged 360˚ solutions to clients across various sectors. With a holistic view on leadership development, the firm walks along with the clients through the entire development process. Atiitya partners with clients to build a robust Leadership pool and pipeline, relevant in the market context and based on the organizational and business requirement.. Further, Atiitya offers skill gap analysis and competency mapping which is then supported with workshops, learning projects and coaching,. “We are able to offer the best from the market to work on a particular project in the terms of our consultant’s pool, so our clients are able to get the most authentic solution at a competitive price when they work with us,” says Suman.

Atiitya partners with clients to build a robust Leadership pool and pipeline, relevant in the market context and based on the organizational and business requirement

Atiitya, which was started as a training company has come a long way in terms of offering contemporary solutions. Helping clients to monitor the pre and post impact of the intervention, the firm offers unbiased services to its clients with the large pool of facilitators, assessors and coaches. Today, the prestigious clientele that the firm services, are spread across various sectors. Talking about future plans, Suman expounds, “We want to focus more on offering enhanced leadership practices within organizations addressing the needs of individual leaders to facilitate their success stories and empower more number of people to develop as leadership facilitators.” Further, the firm will be seen extending their services to Clients outside India.