Abanel Management Consulting: Assisting Organizations to build their Human Capital

CIO Vendor In a growing economy subject to myriad flavours of change, developing Human Capital imparting value to the business and meaning and ownership to employees becomes business-critical. Having spent his career driving HR Function for large and mid-sized Indian and multi-national organizations, Sanjay Paul Antony leveraged this insight while setting up his own consulting entity.
Sanjay Paul Antony is the Managing Director of Abanel Management Consulting, a boutique HCM consulting firm based out of Bangalore with clients across IT Products, IT Services, Manufacturing, Advertising, Design, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Financial Services, Biotechnology, Oil & Gas, Food, and Healthcare.
Sanjay is quick to add that he drew from his experience on the other side of the table to develop comprehensive HR models which would sync with the DNA of the business. While the temptation in the Consulting Space is to develop models which can be replicated across multiple clients at the cost of long-term effectiveness, the Abanel Model works towards a focused and in-depth understanding of the client business and creates models customized to current requirements and scalable in case of business growth. While this path is definitely more time-consuming and resource-intense, Sanjay adds that this has helped his team understand key challenges and capture the pulse of the organization. In retrospect, this has also meant rich dividends in terms of business for Abanel, since most of the clients return with repeat assignments and are comfortable with the fact that Abanel knows their DNA well.
Abanel’s services cater to two different client groups: first, those setting up operations for new organizations entering Indian markets and, secondly, for the already established organizations preparing for their next phase of growth.
Right from understanding the business focus, formulating HR strategies, developing, and implementing the HR infrastructure, handholding through Mergers & Acquisitions or restructuring and creation of professional development frameworks, the company covers it all for its clients. Audits of existing processes are typical start points which Abanel uses to build long term roadmaps for its clients. Sanjay adds, “Our skilled handling ensures steady productivity improvement, maintains high morale among employees and lowers employee turnover during turbulent times of change.”
The challenge of a Boutique HR Advisory firm in India in recent times is to find the right niche for itself. The challenge for Abanel during its early years was to highlight the value proposition for its services sans a big brand name and difficulty in articulating ROI of the initiatives. Providing services in a reasonable price point and building a brand name in the industry were further hurdles faced by Abanel during its teething period
To establish its presence in the Market, Abanel partnered with consulting organizations and kept an unwavering focus on its Founding Principles. In every assignment, the key stakeholder has been the head of the organization or the Board of Directors.

The Abanel Model works towards a focused and in-depth understanding of the client business and creates models customized to current requirements and scalable in case of business growth

This has been a very critical component of delivery effectiveness and reflects in their client testimonials. Sanjay adds, “After we made our mark, our clients have been our biggest ambassadors. Even today, 60% of our clients come back to us.” Arbitron, Essar Oil, Paragon Footwear, Indo-US MIM, ULCCS, Triton Valves, Richcore Lifesciences and SmartCity are some of Abanel’s prestigious clients. One of the key projects done by Abanel over a year with a Manufacturing Client is being made into a Business Case by one of the premier Indian B-Schools.