Siri Advisory: Corporate Financial Strategists For Global Expansion

CIO Vendor Focussed on catering to the needs of the local Indian market rather than supporting businesses to venture beyond borders and expand into the global market, the current landscape of Indian consultancy has shied away from opportunities for businesses to find a foothold in a foreign market. Researching about the consulting business especially in the mergers and acquisition sector in the European, Asian and American markets during early 2011, Srinath Parankusam promptly observed that the market was mainly controlled by a few big firms and there was a need for niche players who could cater to midsized companies.

He also observed that around 85% of the acquisitions in the global market failed to integrate with the acquirer which compelled him to lay the foundation of Siri Advisory in 2012 in the Netherlands and in India. A financial consulting group headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Siri Advisory facilitates companies in Europe, Asia and the Americas which are eager to cross over and push their horizons through inorganic growth.

Equipped with like-minded finance professionals across the globe Siri Advisory targets mid-size business houses who are not only willing to enter the international arena and exploit the global demand for their products but are also in need of a good consulting partner in this endeavour. As a part of end-to-end services, they provide three categories of services which are interlinked and comprise of Strategic consulting, Corporate finance and Tax, compliance, and management services.

“Our financial transformation expertise helps businesses to provide maximum value to the shareholders. Since our members are equipped for providing a global world-class integrated service that ensures consistency across international borders, our closely held network of firms enables us to offer committed international service for growing businesses to optimize opportunities.

We offer a single point of contact for our clients which not only keeps the day-to-day management of communications simple but also reduces time consumption to ensure full compliance across multiple territories, ”states
Srinath Parankusam, Founder, Siri Advisory group. He says about the services, “Strategic Consulting services include Mergers and Acquisitions, Group Structuring and restructuring and Acquisition Integration.

Our financial markets’ comprehensive understanding enables us to provide optimal capital structure, debt and equity management, advise on financial management & reporting, valuation of equity, and every other element needed to generate a world-class finance function. Services including facilitating tax, legal and central bank requirements and regulatory filings, and management and administration related services are provided.”

Siri Advisory’s Growth Is Mainly Attributed To The Growth Of Our Existing Clients Who Believed In Us, Stayed With Us And Have Recommended Us To Their Network

Most of the M&A advisory firms provide pre-acquisition support and corporates depend on their internal team members for post-merger integration, which often leads to technology, business-ideology and cultural mismatch defeating the purpose of the acquisition. “Our Acquisition Integration experts have facilitated successful transitions for our clients by adopting a four-pronged strategy viz., Business, Finance, HR and work culture Integration to comprehensively deal with all the aspects related to an acquisition” avers Srinath Parankusam.

Services Including Facilitating Tax, Legal And Central Bank Requirements And Regulatory Filings, And Management And Administration Related Services are Provided

Siri Advisory has witnessed a steady double digit growth since 2016 and is now serving its clientele in seven countries from own offices and tie-ups with European, Asian and Middle East firms via its SAA (Siri Advisory Alliance) program. Being a part of various business delegations including the Dutch delegation to India led by the Netherlands’ Prime Minister Mark Rutte in 2018, and the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in 2015, Siri Advisory has marked its presence. Srinath concludes saying, “We aim to provide financial and strategic consulting to the corporates around the world who wish to expand their businesses and explore the world market while catering services to local markets.”