Rurash Financials: Promising Customized Investment Plans and Premium Financial Concierge Services for Corporates and NRI Investors

CIO Vendor Corporate Advisory Services is a broad term that refers to expert advice provided to businesses by professionals such as accountants, investment banks, and a variety of other service providers. Corporate advisory services cover a wide range of business activities, and while some are well suited for investment banks, the others are best left to specialist advisory firms.

Established in 2019, Rurash Financials provide investment strategies to help their clients build wealth and build a legacy. Though it started as a boutique investment management firm, the company is eyeing a transformation as one of India's leading fin-tech firms.

RanjitJha, CEO and CIO of Rurash Financials says, “I felt a huge gap in the financial services market during my 18 years stint in the corporate world. Currently, India offers huge scope with technology based transformation in the financial services and the markets are ready for disruption and that brought in a huge clarity for launching RURASH Financials. The large companies offering financial services and the commercial banks are operated under one pattern – One Size Fits All, but in reality, every customer is unique, they have different requirements, and every individual has their own reasons to use financial services, and through our company, we would want to address these issues.”

Rurash Financials helps their clients disperse their funds in financial instruments that guarantee the best returns, based on their team's vast knowledge, analytical approach, and astuteness in crafting creative wealth
management advisory. The firm creates customized investment plans based on the needs of its clients in order to provide them with the best and highest return on their investments.

Rurash Financial advises NRI clients interested in exploring investment opportunities in India on the related regulations and bye-laws in order to assess valuable investment opportunities. RanjitJha adds, “We help the NRI clients find the best investment opportunities from a wide range of financial services, including equities, mutual funds, portfolio investment schemes, structured products, unlisted equities, fixed income products, and other appealing investment choices. Our high-quality investment approach is tailored to their risk profile and protects their interests.”

Rurash Financials helps their clients disperse their funds in financial instruments that guarantee the best returns

Attributes of Growth
The agility of Rurash Financials in providing customized financial services to their clients is one of the major aspects that has helped the company in gaining more clients and business. In order to keep their team updated with the latest trends and technologies, the company conducts regular training sessions and internal brainstorming. When it comes to entering and leaving an investment, Rurash Financials recognizes the value of timing.

Customer's satisfaction is their top priority, which they accomplish by offering consistent and accurate guidance on profitable investment opportunities. To protect their customers, the company performs extensive due diligence prior to each investment, aiding them in making informed decisions and comprehending the complexities of the transaction.

Elucidating the future roadmap Ranjit asserts, “Except for the consultation section, such as handholding clients, all of our financial services will be technologically focused in the coming days. Apart from that, all other services, such as onboarding and clientele support, will be transformed by technological advancement.