Aamirav: Driven By Innovation & Passion To Achieve Business Excellence

CIO Vendor The Indian corporate realm is moving at a rapid pace and businesses across various industry verticals are struggling to find a foothold in the market. Going against the grain, Aamirav is one business establishment that has been able to consistently improve themselves and create a niche in the market. Jaidev, the Founder-CEO of the Company is an industry stalwart with decades of industry expertise and experience. Leveraging on his marketing and technical skills, Jaidev has excelled in all the Companies that he has worked for and it is during this tenure he came across smaller sized Companies that had excellent product innovations but lacked the ability to develop and commercialise them.

Identifying this business opportunity as one of high potential, Jaidev established Aamirav which offered top-notch support and consultation to these Companies in development, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain to exploit their innovations, all under one roof. Jaidev emphasises that Aamirav has been able to grow into a unique entity in the Indian consultancy space by providing relentless and sustainable value add, to clients encompassing technical as well as non-technical spaces. He believes that what is very important is long lasting client relationship. He considers Aamirav as partners in progress with his clients and he is willing to go the extra mile to achieve success for them because that is the only way he finds satisfaction.

Jaidev adds “If you asked me to summarize what is Aamirav’s work ethic and culture, I would say that Aamirav stands for innovative solutions, driven by passion, a strong code of ethics & professionalism resting on a bedrock of expertise, single-mindedly focussed on delighting the client.” Aamirav has grown from USD 2000 in 2005 to a multi-million dollar business today with offices in Mumbai & Pune and a Collaboration/ Distribution Center in Singapore with BELGES (Andy Lee).

Enabling Clients Achieve Business Objectives
Currently, the Indian landscape is cluttered with a number of consultants and service providers and although some of them are technically proficient in their own field, they generally lack cross-functional and multi-dimensional expertise. As a result, businesses face the daunting task of dealing and managing a sizable number of consultants to meet their needs and this fragmented approach is inefficient, cumbersome and expensive. Jaidev realises that the need of the hour is consultants who are able to address client needs across the spectrum ranging from sourcing, repacking, technical development, prototypes production, commercialization, toll manufacturing, marketing, and auditing. This is exactly where Aamirav excels, in being a one-stop-shop for your myriad needs and has enough success stories for their clients including MNCs to prove their point.

Further elaborating about the services offered by the Company and the various industries that they cater to, Jaidev asserts, “Aamirav offers solutions from product conception to commercial production. This includes, for example, FMCG product development, where we support the client right from product development in our well-equipped laboratory, followed by prototypes manufacture in the pilot plant, using our semi-commercial facilities for seeding of product in selected geographies followed by assistance for full scale production. We also offer comprehensive support for supply chain related activities including product re-packing and consolidation of cargo and act as a single source solution provider for activities ranging from import & local ware-housing of raw materials to auditing of the manufacturing process/ ensuring final product quality.
Our targeted clientele is FMCG businesses, Perfumery Companies, and Specialty Chemicals Companies. Toll manufacturing of clients products to support the ‘Make in India’ initiative, has just been introduced for aroma ingredients and specialty chemicals and now we have facilities for esterification, hydrogenation, Friedel-Kraft and other complex chemical reactions.

Our People - Our Strength
Employees are one of the most important assets of any organization and the quality and expertise of your employees can make or break a Company. When asked about the employee expertise and experience of Aamirav, Jaidev, says, “We have a combined experience of over 100 years by our key personnel in aroma ingredients, speciality chemicals and FMCG product development from the concept to manufacturing to distribution stages. We adopt a holistic approach to product development and providing services. We believe that we have the advantage, which very few have, of having a team of skilled professionals who are equally adept and have expertise in technical and non-technical areas. Our multi-faceted expertise ensures that our clients are assured of world-class support and services in one location. This ensures seamless service and the handover complexities when you have multiple agencies operating, are not seen here”.

Aamirav is aiming to take a different approach and plans to build by focussing on their strengths and expertise for a more organic growth

Aamirav’s team includes Winston Pereira, retired Director, Unilever with 40 years experience in Fabric Wash/Fabric Care across Asia and the Globe. Also Aamirav has been recently strengthened by Amay Merchant who brings a unique set of skills & competencies, acquired at Morgan Stanley (USA), in rigorous development of a systems analytical approach based on real time market analysis, market intelligence platforms and data mining to provide optimized solutions to clients and guide business decisions in identifying market opportunities for growth.

The industry knowledge of the team and the guidance and wisdom of Jaidev has helped Aamirav to become one of the most sought-after names in the industry and some of the major clients that the Company has worked with include Hindustan Unilever, P&G, S. H. Kelkar, DRT( France), Pinova (USA), ATUL, Eternis, and Belinka-Slovenia to name a few. Apart from this rapidly increasing clientele, Aamirav has also been able to clock impressive growth figures even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Going forward, Aamirav aims to stay focused on their core areas of expertise which are supporting growth of nascent Companies with a thrust on 'Make in India' as well as the areas of laundry, fabric care, personal care, cosmetics, speciality chemicals and allied areas. While most other businesses want to go head first when it comes to expanding into more verticals, Aamirav is aiming to take a different approach and plans to build by focussing on their strengths and expertise for a more organic growth. With Jaidev at the helm, the Company has laid out an exciting road map for the future.

Jaidev, Founder - CEO, Aamirav
Jaidev has to his credit the development of many products and continues to work closely with leading MNCs in the FMCG sectors. Jaidev’s innovative ideas and concepts have established many products and benefited clients significantly in saving costs and creating a market for their products. Many of the products which have been successfully marketed by him include surfactants, phosphonates, polymers, zeolites, bentonites, sodium aluminates, and many others. Awards and recognition received by jaidev includes - shortlisted by a leading MNC as one of the 3 top companies that contributed the most innovative ideas to them, appointed as a judge (industry representative) for selection of awards to the best industries in India - council of fair business practices in India.

Offerings: Consultancy services in the area of personal care (soaps, toiletry preparations, sun screens, and more) cosmetic specialities
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra