.Kreate: A Brand Advocating the Importance of Sustainable Development through their Services and Solutions

CIO Vendor The world is moving at a rapid pace and many are forgetting some of the most important facets of what it is to be a human. Driven by selfishness and the greed for money, we are forgetting about how much we have exploited the environment for our needs. The need of the hour is to ensure that we stop depleting the natural resources in unprecedented quantities and at the same time strive to go for sustainable development.

The rise in the demand and popularity of renewable energy sources and the increasing number of companies that are trying to shift lanes to a greener and carbon-neutral operational format is a welcoming sign. With that said, most businesses as well as individuals might not hold the expertise when it comes to the different facets of renewable energy. .Kreate is one renewable energy consultant that holds unrivalled expertise and experience in this arena. The company has come a long way from their humble beginnings and has now grown into one of the most trusted and preferred renewable energy consultants in the country.

Headquartered out of New Delhi, .Kreate is now spread across the country with 8 regional offices and 2 international offices based out of Dubai and Singapore. “Our journey as Mittals Group started years back, as one of the very few Power Trading companies in India. We have come a long way since then, achieved many feats and have been dedicated to expanding our horizons in the last few years. Today, we are among the top five largest corporations in the Power Trading Industry.
Kreate is our overarching identity that runs across different verticals, which are: Kreate Energy, Kreate Technologies, Kreate Lights, Kreate Commodity, Kreate Green Energy and Kreate Advisory. Weat. Kreate technologies believe that the future is about intelligent systems that can seamlessly create efficiency at every step to result in the best possible outcome, under any given circumstances. It requires us to create an ecosystem that can utilise AI to the greatest advantage. Kreate uses advanced data analytics algorithms that include AI, machine learning and statistics to create highly accurate forecasts. Kreate's platform creates intraday, day-ahead and week-ahead forecasts. Also, .Kreate's portfolio of clients includes 1,500 MW of wind plants, 900 MW of solar PV plants and about 50,000 MW of demand”, avers, Kulbhushan Mittal, Managing Director, .Kreate.

Kreate has come a long way from their humble beginnings and has now grown into one of the most trusted and preferred renewable energy consultants in the country

The company has also developed cutting-edge tools such as REdFx which is a Real-time analytical dashboard & mobile application for monitoring demand forecast & solar/ wind Plant generation data and Deviation Settlement Mechanism (DSM) charges. The adoption of the latest and greatest technologies along with their own in-house innovation and research has helped .Kreate to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele. Adding about the company’s uniqueness and the road ahead, Aarti Mittal, Co-Founder, .Kreate says, “We have never compromised on our five governing values of Open and Innovative, Holistic Thinking, Positive and Respectful, Unrelenting Performance, and Environmental consciousness. This has been a major catalyst in our growth and these values have helped us to stand apart from the rest of the competition. We have always been a client-centric organization and this has helped us to understand the requirements of our clients and offer them customized solutions. .Kreate is driven by an ethos based on sustainability for the future of our planet and going forward we want to maintain it going forward. We are also looking at investing in the latest in technology innovations in the sector and become the epitome of topnotch renewable energy consultants in India.