Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy: Shaping the Lives of Common Individuals into Admirable Personalities

CIO Vendor Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood beauty icon who was equally admired for her inclination towards books and literature, once said, “I don't mind making jokes, but I don't want to look like one”. No surprise, we all are more or less conscious about our appearance and behavioral adroitness irrespective of our profession, social stature and income. When not quite sure about their dressing and communication skills, people often lack the confidence to make an impactful public appearance which hampers their personal or professional repute. Recognizing the need to mould young and grown-up minds alike to the best of their potential, in 2018, Falguni Shrimanker established Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy. One of the frontrunners of the image management industry, Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy emphasises on the importance of Personal Appearance, Behaviour and Communication Skills for everyone be it an individual or a professional.

Owing to her keen interest in studying the behavior, etiquette and body language of common people, a former homemaker, Falguni came across the advertisement of Image Consulting Business Institute in a daily newspaper which compelled her to attend the orientation for the same. Encouraged and motivated by family, Falguni Shrimanker firmly believes in the quote of Jim Rohn - ‘Your Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change’. “The main challenges faced by our clients are the insecurity and wobbly confidence due to their looks along with the communications issue wherein they are portraying a different image than what they want to depict. Most of them, do not realize that appearance and image first work on self and then on others. Just to let people know exactly what an Image Consultant does I
simply, ‘Walked the Part’. Impressed by my new avatar, people would ask what the secret of my change is. This led them to question me ‘What exactly do you do as a profession?’ quotes Falguni Shrimanker, Founder & Director, Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy.

Wishing to be instrumental in bringing out ‘The best version of yourself’, Ikonic Persona caters to individuals, corporate, and institutions. Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy offers a 360-degree consultation taking into consideration the age, gender, personality style, body shape, face shape, roles and goals of the client. A personalized strategy and solution is given, explained and applied to the client making them find value in the time and money invested. There is also a Portfolio Look Book Program wherein all your details are given along with visual pictures of different accessories which will suit the client according to their lifestyle and personal style so that they can refer to it at any point in life.

One of the frontrunners of the image management industry, Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy emphasises on the importance of Personal Appearance, Behaviour and Communication Skills

With steady growth since inception, Ikonic Persona recently conducted successful training session in the Mumbai University by ‘Master My life Program’ for Post-graduates on the topic ‘Image Management for Greater Success’ adding another milestone to its journey. Citing her plans for future Falguni quotes, “We are building more modules on Emotional Intelligence and Empathy as that is the need of the hour. We believe that one should bring out an Empathetic side of an individual to make this world a better place to live in. We know that IQ is very important but today EQ is equally important as Bill Bullard says, ‘The highest form of knowledge is Empathy’. In fact in the current scenario we are going virtual and online for all projects right from Webinars to one- on- one consultations, making it beneficial for anyone from anywhere in the world, making it a much smaller place to learn, grow and transform.”