SKG Assets & Holdings: Dedicated To Providing Private Wealth Management & Fiduciary Services With Client-First Culture

CIO Vendor Today, Wealth Management sector in India is at an interesting crossroads. With more number of assets to take care of, the investors of today have started to recognise the significance of an advisor. Wealth management and right investments have come up as the top priority for almost every individual who owns a sizeable amount of money. From corporate giants to HNIs, the DIY approach is no longer an option to choose. While the advisors continue to provide value and engagement, managing the available resources and meeting one's financial objectives using the same is a talent that everyone seeks today.

Set up in 2014, SKG Assets & Holdings Private Limited was established by Vikas, Luv and Kush Gupta under the guidance of their uncle with an aim to take Wealth Management beyond the scope of Investment Advisory. With the skills to manage money and assets running deep in blood, Kush Gupta, Director, SKG Assets & Holdings says, “My uncle is one of the most renowned brokers in Mumbai, so stock market runs in the family. Starting out with broking in 2005, we expanded the company vertically by creating a merchant banking division to list SMEs on the stock exchange via IPOs. That was followed by acquiring a NBFC that enabled us to get into institutional lending. Our last leg of expansion was creating a Wealth Management division in 2014. This enabled us to create a full circle financial services company providing Broking, IPO Listing, Lending and Investment advisory to our corporate and noncorporate clients. While establishing our motive was crystal clear, we wanted our services to go beyond just investment advisory. We recognised that while investments account for maximum engagement with the clients, it is the ancillary services related to their finances that add a lot value.”
Bridging the numerous gaps in the Wealth Management industry, SKG Assets & Holdings offers a range of services which includes Investment Management, Banking Solutions, Insurance, Cash Management, Legacy Planning, Estate Protection, Retirement, Family Settlements, Concierge services and advisory in Fiduciary matters. Talking about ethos of the company, Luv Gupta, Director, SKG Assets & Holdings highlights, “We believe that product pushing culture never makes the client feel comfortable. We let the client speak his mind out, create a zone where they can bare it all and tell us exactly how they see their financial future. Equally important is discretion especially to the HNI clients we serve. Their expectations are multi-dimensional they prefer to keep sensitive financial information very discrete. By having a private firm as their advisor, they also protect themselves from key-man risk which arises when your RM suddenly leaves or changes his job.”

Registering significant growth over the past few years, going forward SKG will have wealth management as the focal point and that’s where the firm sees maximum growth for the next 5-7 years

Registering significant growth over the past few years, going forward SKG will have Wealth Management as the focal point and that’s where the firm sees maximum growth for the next 5-7 years. “Our focus in near future is to champion the fixed income segment, we are working on a tech platform that will enable clients to purchase bonds and NCDs online just like equities. We are also launching Managed Portfolios for equities, where our strategies will be deployed directly to client’s equity portfolios and we’ll charge them a flat fee. COVID-19 highlighted some gaping holes in Equity Mutual Fund and PMS where investors lost money because fund managers could not exit at the right time. We will address that in our Managed Portfolios by creating a structure where timely exit is possible. As a habit, when markets are irrational, we sell without hesitation and don’t marry our investments. Our philosophy is that investments have to make sense, they have to work on logic and not on compulsive behaviour of wanting to invest. Clients are intelligent, they can see the difference and over a period of time they reward you”, signs off Kush.