ReliaBull Wealth Managers: Offering Unique Solutions that Promise Long Term Value for Investors

CIO Vendor With investors showing increasing preference towards Financial Assets from Real Assets in the recent times, Indian Wealth Management Industry have gathered momentum and is catching up pace. Still the financial literacy of our population is very low. Consider this, with just 2 crore unique mutual fund investors in India which is less than 2 percent of our population and an industry AUM of around 10 percent of our GDP, we have a huge potential, considering the fact that few developed markets have penetration which is higher than 50 percent of the total population and AUM/GDP ratio of more than 100 percent.

From the regulatory point of view, SEBI has been moving fast and has been bringing in drastic changes to the industry. It has laid emphasis on Scheme Categorisation, Cost optimization, distinguishing between Advisor & Distributor and Fee based Advisory model as a road-map for the industry to grow. It does seem sometimes that the 'pace of change' is faster than the 'rate of acceptance' of an average Indian investor but that’s how it is.

As Wealth Managers, it has become more challenging given the variability of the market, the spread of the investor base and bringing in last mile connectivity with limited revenue model. “In this backdrop we believe that Technology will be a big enabler and will decide how fast we can bring in inclusiveness. In order to reach the above goals and to provide single window advisory solutions with solid research, I established ReliaBull Wealth Managers in 2013”, says Kishan Jakhotia, Founder.

“During my entire corporate career, I realized that a lot of people in our country were not much open to investing in new age financial products like Mutual Funds, PMS, ULIP’s, NCD's, Alternative Investmentsetc. Most of the
them were still investing in traditional avenues like FD’s, Real Estate and Gold. I realised that there is a ‘big gap about what investors want and what they get’ and once they understand the benefits of such products, there will be a huge shift in the investment patterns which gave me a boost to establish ReliaBull Wealth and this is exactly what is happening now”, speaks Kishan Jakhotia, Founder, ReliaBull Wealth Managers.

The key distinguishing factor between ReliaBull and other Advisory Companies is that it offers customized investment solutions. Most advisors claim so but do little. With ReliaBull they have Customized Solutions for specific Investor Segments like Retired Individuals, Salaried Professionals, High Net Worth Individuals, Business Owners and NRI's. The customization of advisory has immense benefits for the targeted segments as it will help to sync the Investments Objective with Investment Goals in a real sense.

ReliaBull offers Customized Investment Solutions designed for Investor Segments like Retired Individuals, Salaried Professionals, High Net Worth Individuals, Business Owners and NRI's

ReliaBull is renowned for offering advisory solutions for a diverse set of investor base like Companies, Corporate Senior Executives, HNI's, NRI's, Trusts & Individuals. The other key differential factor is the 'Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis Model' of reviewing existing Mutual Fund Portfolio which helps one identify the performance of the portfolio in comparison with relative benchmark and ReliaBull Model Portfolio. It’s done in such detail wherein it is run through a set of advanced analytical and statistical tools followed by presenting the findings in a detailed presentation.

ReliaBull Wealth has crafted several future roadmaps such as bringing out innovative financial solutions, having more active social media presence and setting up more branches in order to grow their business. Elucidating more future plans Kishan shares, “We are planning to conduct a spate of segmented investor centric seminars and webinars in order to reach larger investor base at different locations in the country. I think this would be something which will be very critical for our growth".