Synergy Consultants: A Service Oriented Organization Using Modern Techniques of Management since 1994

CIO Vendor Employees are the biggest assets for each and every company. Getting the ideal employees from the applied candidates is a tough task for any organization. Specialized attention and care should be given when it comes to selecting employees because employees can make or break the company. Identifying the need for expert recruitment services in the industry many started offering recruitment consultancy services. However, many inexperienced consultants out there will only provide you services which are basic and generic and with each company being different, so are their recruiting needs. Acknowledging this lack of quality recruitment consultancy services in the industry, Synergy Consultants was established in the year of 1994 by Sangeet Sharma and Neena Sangeet Sharma at Dehradun. The dynamic duo holds immense knowledge and experience in the field and with their help and guidance, Synergy Consultants has created an ever expanding niche in the industry.

Synergy Consultants was created to be a pioneer recruitment service provider in India which can be trusted by the clients. Through their hard work and professionalism, Sangeet Sharma and Neena Sangeet Sharma have developed the consultancy firm into a leading company in North India when it comes to organized recruitment services and they have been consistently delivering the best results for all of their clients. But the company specializes in providing recruitment services and they are an end-to-end service provider for the clients when it comes to recruiting. “We provide a complete
package of services when it comes to organized recruitment services. Our recruitment services include head hunting, mass recruitments, employability assessments, recruitment process outsourcing services. By integrating all these services under one roof we are able to cater to a wider range of clients across various verticals”, says Neena Sangeet Sharma, Founder, Synergy Consultants. Other than recruitment services, Synergy Consultants also provides corporate social responsibility services, trainings and workshops, and various human resource and talent management services making them a one-stop-shop when it comes to all things HR.

The biggest and strongest point for the company is the panel of expert professionals working for them and their customer centric approach. “We have a wide range of clients starting from government institutions to multi-national companies. We see our clients as partners and this helps us to create a close bond with them. We then understand their needs and requirements and most importantly what they are looking from a potential employee. After understanding their needs, we help them to not only get the employee who fills their specifications but also one who understands their work culture. With our domain expertise, we identify industry specific challenges and with the help of our expert professionals we provide our clients with high quality services which are tailor-made for specific companies. We always make sure that we give our best effort to leave an organization in a stronger situation than when we arrive”, avers Neena.

Synergy Consultants believes in the four values of integrity, entrepreneurial skills, positive attitude, and core competency. Even when the situations were tough, Synergy Consultants stuck onto these values and this helped them to rise above their challenges and competition to become a leading recruitment consultancy firm. The company is not yet ready to rest on their past success and Synergy Consultants is constantly working on innovative programs for the future where they are combining creative strategies and analytical approaches to implement these innovations in the best way possible. Synergy Consultants is also planning various other measures in order to make them an elite recruitment consultancy firm and achieve their goal of helping their clients to reach full economic potential.