Li Creative: Helping Companies Leave Footprints across the Global Marketplace

CIO Vendor With a massive online marketplace, India is growing at a high pace with the developing market trends. However, still, there are majority of companies and businesses in the country which are unaware of the usage of this massive platform. There is not much awareness and right information given about digital marketing to the organizations and people are still using the same traditional marketing platforms to promote their services and products. Mainly the SMEs and start-ups have very little resources and budget for their marketing needs. In order to create awareness and let people know the right ways of using and witness the benefits of Digital Marketing, K. Hemachandiran incepted Li Creative Technologies (LCT), a firm recognized for its digital marketing services, distinguished amongst its customers for excellent quality products and services.

Established in 2017, LCT provides major services that include A to Z on digital marketing, starting from Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Ads and many more. Mainly focusing on promoting their client’s business online, LCT uses high-end digital marketing strategies on a large scale. In simpler words, Li Creative helps business owners promote their brand and bring in online seals. “Right from my college days, I had a passion for Digital Marketing. I was working as a freelancer and would do digital marketing for small companies to grow their business online in those early days. I helped every client in growing their business using my Digital Marketing skills and eventually, I started getting a lot of reference clients in a very short period of time. Soon, I fell short of helping hands as I couldn't handle all the work
alone and this is when I decided to establish Li Creative Technologies (LCT)”, shares K. Hemachandiran, Founder & CEO, Li Creative Technologies.

Understanding Client’s Need from their Perspective
Bringing in new customers and sales is the major challenge to most of the companies or businesses and this is where Li Creative stands for its clients. The company understands client’s needs by getting their shoes, understanding their pain points, business model and then Li Creative develops the right online marketing strategies that can massively grow loyal customers. Further Hemachandiran adds, “In the initial days I was feeling difficulty in hiring right people due to less management knowledge, however, later I learned the right way to hire and manage a company. Today, Li Creative has a team with high expertise and dedication. I believe that ‘Just adapt and overcome - You will never get everything right the first time’.”

Bringing in new customers and sales is the major challenge to most of the companies or businesses and this is where Li Creative stands for its clients

The clients of LCT are from the USA and UK, hence, the company has to follow high technological standards in order to provide standard services to their clients overseas and compete well in the foreign market. Li Creative takes part in several Top and International Marketing Conferences every year to know about different and latest digital marketing trends used worldwide. This has helped LCT in adapting many top edge technologies in the field of digital marketing and render quality services to their clients.

Elucidating about the growth of the company, Hemachandiran shares, “Li Creative started with just 3 employees and today, in 2020, we have more than 30 employees with over 100 clients across the world. Li Creative has a client retention rate of 90 percent because we believe in client satisfaction and if we make them succeed, we will automatically succeed”. Li Creative is focusing more on quality than quantity and hence they are working on new trending technologies in Digital Marketing and aspires to be a top brand in Digital Marketing Space.