Proventures Education and Consulting Services:Dedicated to Process Consulting, Competency Building &

CIO Vendor When it comes to effectively translating and achieving the business strategy, cooperates or business leaders alike feel the stark need for industry tested process models, competent resources and technology enablers. Nine years ago, the PPM space witnessed the inception of Proventures Education and Consulting Pvt. Ltd, an organization dedicated to process consulting, competency building, & technology solutions. “I sensed a huge gap in awareness, skill & enabling tools in the PPM domain among corporates and business leaders and an extensive need for skilled service providers to address these needs,” says P Seenivasan, Director, Proventures. Since 2006, the firm provides PPM service offerings under a single roof interconnecting processes, skills and technology through a value driven pricing approach for quicker Return on Investment.
Lack of awareness of global standards and their benefits in the PPM domain along with the scarcity of skilled service providers and the prohibitive investment costs were ailing the sector when the firm stepped into the space. Perceiving this, Proventures worked towards providing value based specialized PPM consulting, competency development & technology services. Today, the organization lays constant focus on keeping itself abreast with international best practices, standards, curriculum's, certifications and technology solutions to provide clients with the latest and greatest in the domain of PPM.
“We provide Process Design, Optimization, Benchmarking services combined with Technology and Competency development services aligning to leading benchmarks and standards, partnering with organizations to reach the next level of delivery excellence,” says Sreenivasan.With a full gamut of global standards, solutions and services, Proventures aims to provide services to fill the gap in almost every facet of the PPM sector. Proventures provides tailored and industry tested Consulting Services, PPM Technology Implementation Services, Training Services, PMO services and KPO services. By providing improvised technology solutions aligned to global PPM best practices, the firm stays ahead of the pack by specializing in Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM) solutions offered by Microsoft and Oracle.

Seenivasan adds, “We help design and implement PMOs which provide tremendous value and insight into an organization’s portfolio health and status.” While nourishing the PPM sector with their bundle of services, the firm takes great effort to spread the importance of Portfolio and Project Management Best Practices, Processes & Tools. The company has launched multiple Project Management Seminars and Conferences covering a wide range of industry verticals and experts.
Today, this client-centric firm with global partnerships serves almost all the industry verticals, right from IT to Aerospace. “We have trained more than 6000 professionals on Project Management in both the Corporate and Public arena and we have offered consultancy and corporate services to many Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders,” proudly expounds Seenivasan. Microsoft, Ranbaxy, DR. REDDY'S, Dell, Hitachi, Tata Lockheed Martin, Hindustan Shipyard Ltd, Petroleum Development Oman, Oman LNGare a subset of Proventures’ Clients.

Poised to climb the ladder of success further, the firm plans to integrate PPM with ERP solutions further enhancing and streamlining business governance. By introducing project management into college curriculum and spreading its wings over pharmaceutical and government sectors, the firm aspires to serve the nation cutting across sectors and geographies.