Prashant Deshmukh and Associates:Imaging Imaginations. Engineering Images

CIO Vendor Engineering consultants and project managers are developing a niche for themselves, in the industry, as the economy as a whole, goes on an upward swing, pushing all the ancillaries along with it. Systemized dispersion of knowledge, especially in the field of Industry, Corporate offices, IT Parks and mixed use development is being deemed forecast. What project management brings to the table are a specialized knowhow and watertight strategy. When Prashant Deshmukh started his endeavour, as a J J College of Architecture graduate and a topper, the Project Management market was practically barren. While most migrated, Prashant chose to stay, think and innovate, as he incepted Prashant Deshmukh & Associates (PDA), a project management firm specializing in architectural consulting. PDA was formed in 1986, and now has offices in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.
Prashant’s vision was to create an entity which helps clients with every facet of development, which included conceptualizing, designing, cost analysis, detailing etc. But, as is the case with doing something new and path breaking, imaginations those arise out of needs, desires, ambitions, social responsibilities leading to specific requirements of land use of spaces, their integration into a fabric that shall deliver a solution, an image that is unique, innovative, cost effective, functionally perfect yet aesthetically pleasing.
With the concept of imaging imagination and further engineering these images for perfection was a tough task indeed. To learn the art of visualising the instincts, the desire of the clients, customers and converting them into imaginations towards built forms and create images that can compose a balance amongst spaces that can create rhythms, as one travels through them.
PDA also noted the equilateral triangle of project management with the interwoven equivalent relationship amongst client, contractors and themselves as consultants. Accordingly the project management focus was put on to compact cost and time frame without any compromises on the quality parameters.
Amongst the noteworthy services provided by PDA are Conceptualizations, Designing, Costing, Budgeting, Tendering, Interior Designing, Landscaping, Electrical Designing, Fire fighting design service, Planning, Reporting and Auditing. What sets them apart from their competitors is the pure professionalism they exhibit. “There are many a project management consultancies in the market today. But, I strongly believe that PDA is unique. We, at PDA, are committed to delivering the best the clients demands and deserves. We constantly evolve technologically, use the best and latest materials, reach meticulously for the most appropriate solutions and our designs are modern, state-of-art and, so far, unmatched in India. Also, we pride ourselves for timely and efficient completion of projects, with hundred percent involvement and interaction with clients,” Prashant elucidates.
Since inception, PDA has grown and developed in leaps and bounds in terms of both, revenue and footprint. Added a number of prestigious clients, including Indian Railways, Tata, Toyota, Ammann Apollo and L&T to their ever growing clientele. And, now, Prashant wants to see PDA soar and consolidate. “After initially taking time to create a foothold, PDA has gradually grown and has lived up to expectations of national and international clients. It has developed in phases, and the transition was important. PDA now dreams to spread out practise bases to Pan India and in Asian developing countries, providing project solutions from affordable housing to townships to multi storied buildings, resorts to high end luxury hotels, shopping malls to commercial multi use buildings, Industrial Parks with specific industrial solutions.”