Lkt engineering consultants:Making Project Management more Effective and Efficient

CIO Vendor Infrastructure in India has witnessed large scale improvements over the past years. It is clearly visible with the introduction of modern mechanisms and facilities in all major areas, be it roads, ports, railroads, airports, power generation, construction or architecture.The success achieved thus far has created a massivedemand for quality infrastructure services.

The company has success fully completed some unique projects such as India’s largest ESIC hospital in Gulbarga(Karnataka) with a built-up area of approximately 45 lacs

LKT Engineering Consultants Limited, a public limited company is now 8 years old in present configuration, however it has deep roots by name of Structural Engineering Consultant since year 2000 as Proprietorship Company under the same promoter- Mr. Lokesh Kumar Tyagito help support government sponsored companies and private sector industries to build better infrastructure.
Taking into account the significant impact consultancies deliver in this space, the company broughtin project management services that showcased its strong expertise in managing risk, time, cost and quality. The company operates projects by utilizing the latest engineering practice, and provides impeccable engineering designs to offer a sound architectural solution.The dynamic organization is considered to be one of the biggest names in the country for structural designing in terms of buildings, bridges and flyovers. Lokesh Kumar Tyagi, Director of LKT Engineering elaborates, “We have incessantly attempted to deliver top of the line solutions that are modern, functional and conform to the operating time and budget constraints.” Lokesh Kumar Tyagi, Director of LKT, further explains how the company’s team works alongside customers to fully realize their project aims.He proudly exults by saying, “The company has the best professionals, with an in depth knowledge from varied specializations in architecture, structural designs and services consulting.”
Presently, the company manages over a hundred projects in different segments. The various projects for LKT Engineering starts withmetro projects as a ddc/proof checking, airports, flyovers/bridges group housing, university/school, hospitals like AIIMS, and further expands to road & railways, metros, university, malls, resorts, defence institution and defence residences. many impressive road and bridge projects are under the radar of the company. The company also implemented the dilshad garden to Ghaziabad bus adda elevated metro line that has 8 elevated stations over a 9.2 km long route. Lokesh adds, “We tried being innovative, and designed the stations with a solar panel system on the terraces of each station.”
The multitude of projects undertaken by the versatile company can actually bevery hard to estimate. By taking in the right resources together and through the expert leadership of Lokesh, LKT Engineering has gained credibility in the industry.The company has successfully completed some unique projects such as India’s largest ESIC hospital in Gulbarga (Karnataka) with a built-up area of approximately 45 lacs. Jaipur Metro Stations was another challenging project for the organization in which stations have been designed over single piers (only at median) and Civil Line Elevated Metro Station is one of the unique station in India designed by LKT Engg, which is having flyover and then Metro over that with a single row of columns. The company today counts no. of Private and Governments clients. The organization has already achieved phenomenal growth and trust in the industry.