Value HR First Consulting India: A Dedicated One - Stop HR and Compliance Service Provider

CIO Vendor The importance of procuring and retaining employees is important to ensure company's growth. Many companies see HR department as a cost incurring section and thinks that a company can run without having a dedicated HR team. In today's world where the competition is tighter than ever before the need for getting the proper candidate and retaining that talent in your company can be the difference between running and shutting down your company. Many a times small and medium enterprises(SMEs)and startups won't be able to tap HR potential from the beginning for organic business growth and tend to neglect this function. Getting an expert HR consultant can help the company to create plans to manage and develop their employees. One consultancy firm which has been helping companies to deal with their employee related problems is Value HR First Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Established by Dr. Prashant Verma and Pradmavathi Verma, Value HR First has been providing ultimate HR solutions for corporate, SME's and startups since 2010. Dr. Prashant Verma, founder director, has worked in the HR industry for more than two decades and this expertise and professionalism is well reflected in the operations of the company since its inception.

Value HR First Consulting India provides end-to-end solutions for companies with the help of their domain expertise and technological know how. The company provides strategic HR services like recruitment solutions, HR compliance solutions, manpower outsourcing, payroll management and training solutions. As a consultancy firm Value HR First Consulting caters to a plethora of sectors including healthcare hospitality, automotive,
manufacturing and various retail sectors. Providing 360 degree HR services to startups and SME's Value HR First Consulting India is tapping into a sector which is not really given attention by other HR consultancy firms. In the early days the consultancy firm had to convince the companies to understand the need of having a strong HR department to have a good organic growth. By formulating annual plans along with setting smart goals the company managed to get the clients and create awareness about the importance of having an expert HR consultant.

The commitment and dedication shown in their work has helped Value HR First Consulting India to develop from a one client company in 2010 to a 75 plus clientele firm in 2019

After understanding the client's needs at the micro level, Value HR First Consulting India is able to provide customised value added solutions for their clients. "We provide the best value for money for the SMEs and Start Ups. With our experience, we are able to provide end to end HR services. Another key aspect that differentiates us from the rest is the fact that we are able to provide HR services to any company irrespective of their nature or size", says Dr. Prashant Verma Founder Director, Value HR First Consulting India. The commitment and dedication shown in their work has helped Value HR First Consulting India to develop from a one client company in 2010 to a 75 plus clientele firm in 2019. This special care to their customers helped the company retain their clients for a much longer time and to bag companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Titan Industries, MAA TV Network and MG Automotives as their clients.

By adopting unique solutions and interventions Value HR First Consulting India is helping business owners to focus on their business growth plans and leave the HR functions to the experts to be managed. After understanding the growth of the economy, Value HR First Consulting India is planning to expand to more states particularly in South India. The company is also trying to increase their headcount to 30 and reach 200 clients in the next five years.