Tri Inception Biosciences: Meeting the Unmet Services of the Pharmaceutical Industry

CIO Vendor Managing a company comes with its own unique challenges. Big or small, managing and directing a company to success is a hard endeavor. To steer yourself away from losses and closer to profits one needs expert knowledge about both his business and its market. There are various factors that play a role in the smooth running of a business and it is this diversity that makes it challenging to manage a company. Even if you have the basic understanding of how a business works it still doesn't guarantee you success. This is why companies approach experts to evaluate the problems and implement the solutions. For long, pharmaceutical industry was lacking the aspect of efficient management. With the ever increasing pressure of competitions, companies in the pharmaceutical industry are finding it hard to stay a float. This fueled the increase in the number of management consultants in the pharmaceutical sector. The most important criterion in choosing a management consultant should be the experience he or she has in the pharmaceutical sector. Set up in 2011 Tri-inception Biosciences Pvt Ltd is one such firm which was established with the motive to offer wide range of unmet services to the pharmaceutical industry.

"After working for more than sixteen years in the industry, I felt that there were many areas in the process of Pharmaceutical commercialization which needed expert advice and handling. Startups and Small to Medium companies were looking for experienced and seasoned professionals who could advice and help them on a wide array of processes involved in the launch and marketing of unique pharmaceutical products and entities. Understanding this unmet need in the Market, I decided to venture into the domain of Pharmaceutical commercialization related consulting activities. This further led to the fullfledged establishment of Tri-inception Biosciences Pvt Ltd as consultancy firm," speaks Sanjay Nair Founder Tri-inception Biosciences.

Being a pharmaceutical consulting company, Tri- inception Biosciences focuses on providing an integrated chain of services which begins from
identification of unique pharmaceutical products and thereafter successful commercial launch of the same. The consulting company suggests proven modules involving elaborate systems and processes. Some of the other offerings of the firm include In licensing and Out licensing of unique pharmaceutical products, Primary and Secondary Market research related services Feasibility studies for launching new Businesses new therapeutic segments and new products & commercialization support in all these areas Business Plans Marketing Plans and Brand plan related support Technical and Scientific support for Product launches Deliverables for Product launches and Training and Development support.

Tri Inception Biosciences was introduced with the sole aim of providing expert advice in the area of commercialization related activities in the Pharmaceutical sector

"My Customers are Startups and small to medium range pharmaceutical companies which seek engagement which is more than the transactional type of business. Keeping this in mind I interact with my Customers for milestone based projects and multiple layer projects where one job leads to another job. This way I am able to retain my existing Customers. Moreover, I am also able to develop valuable data for interacting with my existing Customers on a regular basis for more business. In addition, I utilize various networking channels and try to cultivate existing Customers as well as add new Customers into my business. The Current market space in my domain area is still untapped to a large extent. There are many business entities that are looking for extensive pharmaceutical commercialization services and there are only few people like me offering such value added service," shares Sanjay.

During this short period of time Tri-Inception Biosciences has made some important strides in the pharmaceutical sector along with bagging major clients like Biological E Therdose Pharma, Vivo Lifesciences, Glivita Pharma Sargas Life Sciences Slava Therapeutics, Antler Life Sciences and many more. In the years to come Tri-inception Biosciences has its plans oriented towards cultivating the spirit of innovation in commercialization and Marketing of novel pharmaceutical entities. With a vision of tapping customers in many other parts of the country and around the globe the firm is also planning for further expansions potential places selected for this endeavor include Mumbai(India), Dubai(UAE), Barcelona(Spain)and San Diego(USA).