XIPHIAS Immigration: A Renowned Name Providing End-To-End Immigration Solutions

CIO Vendor Indian Immigration industry has been lagging behind its western counterpart for some time now. The lack of credible players and the general misconception about the industry are two of the major reasons behind this predicament. Starting a new wave of resurgence in the Indian immigration industry is XIPHIAS Immigration. Set up in 2008 by the dynamic duo Rohit Kumar and Vaun Singh had little reference points or proven guidelines to take notes off. Fast forward today over ten years later the immigration company has changed the entire landscape of Indian immigration industry through their smart interventions and 360-degree offerings.

XIPHIAS Immigration was established to bridge the noticeable gap between demand and supply in the immigration sector of the country. "The industry before us was full of inexperienced agencies and ghost consultants and most people were often exploited by the fake promises of such agencies. When we started our operations back in 2008, we identified that there were many interested students, families, work personnel, and organizations that were looking for a trusted ally who can solve their immigration problems. Hence, we started by gaining their trusts and with our transparency and the honesty of our operations we have convinced our clients to partner with us. All of the services provided by us are credible and we have got all the needed approvals and license essential to operate as an immigration consultant in India. Secondly, we also looked into what our clients were exactly looking for and whether their needs and wants were feasible. We introduced a panel of consultants who carried out the due diligence before giving a yes or no to the client after checking the feasibility. With our growing reputation and impeccable track record, today, we can proudly say that we are not just meeting the requirements of our customers but we are also one of the top immigration consultancy companies in India", avers Varun Singh, Founder, and Managing Director, XIPHIAS Immigration.

Being a pioneer in the industry XIPHIAS Immigration provides expert services such as corporate visa services, skill migration, student visa, EU endorsed citizenship programs intracompany transfers investment visa, and residence citizenship planning to name a few. This diverse portfolio of services and professionalism has helped the company to cater its offerings across various HNI clients, business families, working professionals,
students and to almost all the industrial verticals including Pharmaceutical, IT, Manufacturing, Real estate, and Finance.

Marching Ahead with Technology and Innovation
Being a software engineer, MD Varun Singh has always made sure that both the company and its employees are always up-to-date with the latest trends. Highlighting on this, Varun shares, "We have always given great importance to being at the forefront of all the technological innovations and advancements in the industry. Hence, we have also developed an application which can be used freely by any of our stakeholders to help them get our services on their fingertips and we have currently got more than 80,000 users trying this application which is a testament to our technological expertise. We nurture innovation among our employees and this has helped us to be an end-to-end service provider for all our clients' immigration dilemmas."

Xiphias immigration is been awarded as the fastest growing indian company excellence award

The constant motivation towards being a front runner in the technological race has served XIPHIAS Immigration well. A firm which started with two men, today, XIPHIAS Immigration is already dealing with more than 7000 clients per year with more than 185 employees across various operation stations across India. The company is also looking forward to starting offices in multiple European countries, USA, UAE, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and various states in India. XIPHIAS Immigration is the only immigration company in India which is directly registered with immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and they have also been awarded on various occasions for their services in the industry. Recently, XIPHIAS Immigration has also been awarded as the Fastest Growing Indian company excellence award. Leading the immigration industry for over a decade, now XIPHIAS Immigration is planning to further their operations and make their services much more accessible for their clients to become the epitome of Indian immigration industry.

Varun has completed his leadership management from IIM bangalore and talent management from XLRI jamshedpur. With over ten years of experience, including investment migration, corporate visa services, general management, business operations and strategy, varun has an excellent track record of thousands of customer satisfaction in resettlement. He is the proud recipient of entrepreneur of year 2015, his leadership was recognized as top 5 most promising immigration consultant in india and his efforts have also been awarded as`fastest growing indian company excellence award'.

Office Headquarters: Bangalore
Offerings: corporate visa services, skill migration, student visa, EU endorsed citizenship programs, intra company transfers, investment visa, and residence citizenship planning.