Trayee Capital: Lending Exceptional Financial Assistance To Businesses Across Globe

CIO Vendor The presence of dynamic financial service firms and the arrival of new entities has led to a major expansion in the Indian financial sector. Govt of India along with RBI is also adopting much inventiveness to reform and regulate this industry with schemes such as Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme and Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA). The sector comprises insurance companies, co-operatives, commercial banks, pension funds, mutual funds, non-banking financial companies, and other smaller financial entities that facilitate easy financial access to major corporate and SMEs. Owing to the efforts of both govt. and private sectors, India is counted as one of the countries with most effervescent capital markets. But with a closer look it can be easily visualized that, the large advisory corporate could not properly address the financial needs of mid corporate companies and SMEs. Post demonetization and impose of GST, the withdrawal of NBFCs from lending financial assistance compelled many financial consulting and advisory entities to opt for liquidity constraints. Grabbing this opportunity, Trayee Capital was established by Venkat Shantaram in 2018 to reinforce the capital gap, between large corporate, midcorporate and SME entities. The idea to start the firm was primarily triggered by the presence of mostly promoter driven entities dominating the industry, who are deficient in the investment of intellectual capital and restraining themselves only to syndication and reading advisory.

Stimulating the Indian Financial Market
Trayee Capital bestows a variety range of services to its customers which primarily includes advisory services for structured financial products, virtual CFO services, credit ratings, preparing customized research reports and Business plans, and debt syndication. Although in a budding phase, it has been able to mark its eminence in the financial consulting and advisory sector in India due to its uniquely crafted structural consultancy services. Describing the bouquet of services offered by the firm, Venkata Shantaram, Founder, Trayee Capital states, "Rather than referring it as debt management, what we actually do is base management because we help our clients to restore their liquidity. We help the clients to get the right fund at the right price and at the right time. Be it a base component or quality equity components, we always provide customers with the right counseling and right mix of funds. As per the client's request and requirement, we estimate the best coupon rate that he/she can be able to manage. By understanding the right pricing, the right interest rate, and the right timing, I commit to the client and try to meet those timers. I think it's all possible because of the proprietary model that we have, which helps us in trying to address the needs of the clients. Apart from it, we help our clients by preparing IT assurance for them and try to help the companies to showcase themselves with right credit reports."
The USP which makes Trayee Capital stand out among the crowd is a virtual CFO. A matchless initiative offered by the firm to fuel the financial functionality of the clients, virtual CFO identifies the existing gaps in the current finance team of the organization and complements it at a reasonable cost of an actual CFO. Highlighting its significance, Venkata Shantaram, quotes, "As our clients will not be able to handle growth and invest in a large amount on a functional CFO simultaneously, we complement their financing by virtual CFO. We try to carry off the vision of our clients by monitoring their performance on a weekly or monthly basis as the situation demands and try to help them out in all the aspects that a CFO will do. That's where I think we have been able to create an exclusive identity for us. Renovated and the advanced markets like the US or the Singapore market have done very well on this. But in the Indian market, it is happening only in certain classes. It is not very easy to convince the client saying that, I will take care of all your needs, but I will not be there on your role. We have a different mindset. We are very conservative when it comes to finances, will not allow someone to manage our wallet or finances. We have to customize the 'virtual CFO' to some extent as per the Indian market need."

We try to carry of the vision of our clients by monitoring their performance on a weekly or monthly basis as the situation demands

Envisioning the Future
Apart from equipped with a hardworking and dedicated team of employees, Venkata Shantaram also owes his success to his family members especially his wife who supported him in every twists and turn of his life. Enthusiastic about future ventures of Trayee Capital, Venkata Shantaram says, "I am thinking to take the Trayee capital 2.0 to the next level, looking at the liquidity of Indian market which is completely dried up. So I think there is a situation that is being thrown out right now, wherein the collaterals of the promoters are saturated. We have clients abroad and we also came across a couple of investors abroad. We have already proposed a unique business research model to reach this global mode. I think our ability to tie up with these fund investors from abroad will pump up the Indian companies. I think we're able to do that which is wonderful and is our vision. Apart from in the upcoming years, we will focus on global funding for the local firm. The catch here is the target segment which is not very easy as it is very difficult to convince any investors sitting somewhere beautiful place to invest in tier 1, tier 2 or in a non metro corporate.I think that's where our value proposition lies where we can push investors in the middle. We are going to work on it and articulate it in a much better way."

Founder & managing partner at trayee capital, venkata shantaram is a senior business leader with 15+ years of experience across credit ratings, corporate banking, retail banking and stockbroking, primarily with the financial services domain. Venkata has been associated with crisil in the past and has been involved in some highly prestigious projects in the country.

Offerings: Virtual CFO services, advisory services, credit ratings, writing of customized research reports and business plans,debt syndication and many more.

Offices: Bangalore