Resotel Consultancy: A Hospitality Consultant Keeping Pace With The Changing Market Requirements

CIO Vendor No one can argue that the Indian hospitality sector is one of the most flourished industries in the country yet at the same time there are still some chinks in the armor that are visible.The lack of professionalism shown by some parties is slowly but surely adversely affecting the reputation of the entire industry and to bridge this evident gap in the industry two individuals ventured out to address the lack of quality and professionalism that is missing in the Indian hospitality space. Soumya Sengupta and Dibyendu Ghosh are both hospitality graduates but more importantly, both of them are foodies who are extremely passionate about the industry.

This dynamic duo with their years of experience and expertise in the hospitality domain found out that the basic problem that was plaguing the industry was not in the operational level and diving deep they understood that there was a visible lack of basic planning in most of the companies operating in the industry. After identifying the catalyst behind the issue they started studying more about hotel and restaurant planning and they delved deep into the working of the industry in different parts of the globe. Once they got the adequate repertoire, they quit their jobs and zeroed in on the establishment of Resotel Consultancy.

Offering Integrated Solutions
In their quest to find the best and seamless way to solve the issues that were affecting the reputation of the Indian hospitality space,Soumya and Dibyendu identified that in order to offer a solution they need to start from ground zero and make the organizations operating in the industry aware about the mistakes they are making. "Almost everybody visits a restaurant or stays in a hotel. It is nothing but natural that a prospective investor, himself being a consumer, tends to think that he more or less knows how to successfully operate the business without the need of approaching an expert for planning the multiple facets of the business. Understanding this, we do not just provide design and operation to our clients but meticulously educate them about every nuances of the hospitality business," speaks Soumya Sengupta, Partner, Resotel Consultancy.

After alerting the owners, the company then turned their attention to create a set of comprehensive solutions that can improve the quality of their clients' offerings. "We now offer a wide range of services to a multitude of companies operating in the industry and our services can be broadly classified into two one is pre opening services where we advise our clients on
conceptual and interior design, manpower planning, sales and marketing, and other corporate services. Under our various post management services we take on the whole operations of a hotel and we take care of the day to day operations and development of the business", includes Soumya.

Resotel consultancy has developed into one of the most reputed brands in the hospitality industry with more than 60 successful projects

Resotel consultancy offers quint essential services starting from designing the kitchen, specifications of equipment, creating the menu, menu pricing, menu presentation to controlling entire food and beverage and strategic planning. All these expert services help the company to become a one stop solution provider for their clients and through their expertise in the industry team Resotel Consultancy by combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across all segments of hospitality, leisure and business functions, and extensive research on the world's most successful hotel companies are helping their clients to develop and operate high performance quality oriented businesses.

Keeping Up the Trend
Owing to the quality of their services, Resotel consultancy has witnessed an unprecedented success and growth in the hospitality sector and as of now, the company has their presence in eight cities across four countries namely India, Nepal, Oman, and Bhutan. With their passionate and dedicated team of employees, the company is aiming to better their growth percentage and to ensure that their employees always stay on top of their game Resotel consultancy conducts regular training and employee development sessions which also helps the employees to get updated about the changing industry trends and requirements.

For a company that started their operations from ground zero, Resotel consultancy has developed into one of the most reputed brands in the hospitality industry with more than 60 successful projects on their name within a short span of time and they have created an impressive client portfolio that includes 5-star hotels, resorts, lounges, and many more. Since their inception, the company has had a great learning experience and the growth graph of the company has always been on the rise since their first project and by keeping up with latest market trends the company has developed a flexible operational structure and this has enabled them to adapt to the changes in the industry swiftly and seamlessly and with the times changing quickly, Resotel consultancy and their team are also gearing up for an eventful future.

Soumya Sengupta, Partner
A matured hospitality professional from kolkata, soumya sengupta has been actively working in the hospitality industry for more than 16 years and has headed various respectable positions in world renowned hotel corporations.

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