RDI India: Transforming Businesses with Unique Approaches

CIO Vendor The globalbusiness development and management consultancy industry is valued at a whopping 250 billion dollars. With the operations getting wider and competition getting tighter, proper business decisions and development strategies could make or break a company. Management consultants offer professional consultancy services on the various aspects of a business including strategy, operations, finance, and HR to ensure that your company is running at its fullest potential. As of today, over 700,000 consultants offer consultancy services across the globe on nearly all the key aspects of a business. Incepted in the year 2000, when the Indian management consultancy industry was still in its infancy period is RDI India. The Indian subsidiary of the global conglomerate RDI UK that has a global presence in over 20 countries, RDI India has developed a reputation of being the best in what they do. RDI India has made its presence felt in its chosen operating arena through quintessential cutting edge corporate solutions and services.

Marching Ahead with Target-Oriented Approach
RDI India has a unique ability to facilitate business strategy building, providing customized interventions, solutions and systems, right from organizational diagnostics to implementation. The firm has been delivering issue based solutions successfully for more than a decade and helping organizations identify their hidden potential and reach their objectives seamlessly. The consultancy firm has core expertise in designing and delivering tailored management training programs with business simulations and other experiential activities. "We believe that success comes from generation of creative ideas, selection of the best ones and followed by its effective implementation and if any of these 3 levels are adversely affected, then the entire growth potential of the company will be sabotaged, therefore,all RDI endeavours are directed towards maximizing individual and organizational effectiveness in all these areas. Our uniqueness is based on the simplicity with which we understand business and management concepts and the way we are able to marry these with clear deliverable aspects. The offerings provided by us are specially designed and developed to give the best results for our clients and they blend and synergize modern management approaches with the science of human behaviour", avers Rajeev Gupta, Founder, RDI India. The company is a firm believer in nurturing and improving leadership abilities of senior and middle management teams of organizations and they combine competency framework, development centre, one-to-one coaching and training to further enhance the leadership abilities of already successful professionals.

Staying true to their motto of `Developing People, Developing Organizations Worldwide',RDI India is offering their clients easily accessible, confidential and effective support and guidance services for dealing with personal and work related stresses that could adversely affect job performance and productivity. RDI India understands that there is no single convenient package that would fit all organizations and experts from RDI India helps
enterprises in need with assessment, designing and delivering of appropriate services and also in monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness and the company's core consulting areas are organizational climate audit, performance appraisal systems, strategic and structural issues, training need analysis, recruitment and staffing, and other HR related services. As sustainability is an important element in any training and development projects, RDI places emphasis on training need analysis, in country trainers and experts, training the trainers and finally monitoring and evaluation.

Staying true to their motto of ‘developing people, developing organizations worldwide' RDI india is offering their clients easily accessible confidential and effective support and guidance services

Keeping Pace with Evolving Industry Requirements
The flexible work strategies of RDI India have helped them develop into an expert consulting organization strongly embedded in Strategic Consulting, Talent Engagement (Leadership Development, OD, etc) and Talent Acquisition (Executive Search and Staffing) practices for a number of years now. The company's ability to adapt and thrive in this fast moving industry trends has helped them keep an arms distance from their competitors and has also added behavioral coaching services into their already impressive service portfolio. The company appreciates the work put in by its employees and regular training and development programs are conducted by RDI India to ensure that their workforce is always on top of their game. With their open, relaxed, and initiative encouraged work culture, RDI India strives to create the perfect working conditions for its employees in order to thrive in this modern competitive world.

All this work put in by the company has helped RDI India grow into one of the most sought after business development consultants in the country. The company's capability to offer issue based solutions have helped them to bag clients from various industry verticals including industry leading companies like Bhilai Engineering, The Modi Group, Bry Air Asia, Elcome Technologies, L&T, RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra, and HDFC Life to name a few. Though the organization has been growing at a gradual and steady pace all these years, the top management of the company believes that there could be untapped potential in the organization which has been stunted due to incremental thinking of the managers. Based on this thought, RDI India is planning to communicate and sink this vision to create ownership for redefining the market to play and build a new business plan with renewed vision and mission for the future and to build an elite end-to-end HR consulting organization and venture deep into other verticals.

Rajeev Gupta, Founder
An engineer from IT BHU and a management graduate from IMT Rajiv Gupta has over 20 years of industry experience, having worked in diverse sectors in a variety of profiles. He created an advisory board consisting of industry and education experts and established RDI india as a key player in the business & HR consultancy space.

Office Location: New Delhi
Offerings: Performance Consulting, Leadership Training, Executive Search & Resourcing.