GYM Consultant India: Empowering GYM Owner with Real - Time Business Strategies & Executions

CIO Vendor With 15+ years of experience in the fields of international sales and marketing, as well as business development for the US and European markets, Ebenezer Kumar was well on his way to ascending the very top of the professional ladder. Along the way, however, he began to notice how unhealthy and unfit his lifestyle was. This prompted him to find out more about the fitness in general and the fitness industry. Eventually, he approached Snapfitness, a privately operated health and fitness club, with a view of becoming a member there. His deep interest in Snapfitness’ campaigns however didn’t go unnoticed by the powers in Snapfitness, and he was offered the General Manager, PAN India role there, owing in large part to his extensive experience over real-time lead generation. After working with them for a limited period of time, Ebenezer realised that the work-model being employed there was far from ideal. Therefore, he decided to part ways with Snapfitness, and now, armed with his widespread industry expertise, as well as his extensive health and fitness knowledge; Ebenezer teamed up with Raymond Sunil and started Gym Consultants India (GCI)in 2017, in Bangalore.

Helping Your Health and Fitness Journey
Believing fitness should rightly adopt a holistic approach with a view to secure the patrons’ health and also be a profitable business, Ebenezer and his fitness fanatics channelled all their energies towards simplifying the whole process of setting up a gym in a costeffective manner. Ebenezer elaborates on this and adds, “I believe in ‘How Fit Is Your Fitness Business’.” So, I have divided the whole journey into five simple steps beginning with an
idea, then moving on to conceptualization. So, when some body comes to us with an idea to start their own gym and fitness training centre,we listen.

Then we provide a viable concept but not in a cookie cutter model which most of the business owners do. From the concept stage, we moved on to designing business plan, interiors and provide a 3D walk through of the space. After this, we finalize the design and we move onto the final stage of designers budgeting, which is followed by the development phase. Once these phases have been completed, we proceed to launch the gym or fitness centre. “I call it ‘scratch to launch’,”explains Ebenezer. What’s more,GCI facilitates services like the refurbishment and refreshment of already existing gyms making them relevant and profitable, all of this with the new concept of‘NO Franchise Fees & NO royalties’.

Ebenezer and his fitness fanatics have channelled all their energies towards simplifying the whole process of setting up a gym in a cost-effective manner

Helping new gym owners manage services and activities has helped GCI create a niche for themselves in the field. Speaking about this, Ebenezer observed, “We have experts in a wide range of fields who perform their roles perfectly, and make gym launches successful. For one of our clients in Frazer Town, Viv’s Gym, we launched a gym that followed a totally different concept as it was on the ground floor, 20-40 ft high! For another client, VK Sports, we helped them revamp the Gym and also help them with Marketing & sales of the 55,000 Square feet facility, with 8 fully equipped badminton courts, temperature controlled swimming pool, A fully functional Gym of 6000 SQFT, Table tennis, Foosball, Air hockey, 5 Billiards and snooker Tables. Apart from that, in Indiranagar, for another called Ragefitness we helped put together a 15,000 sq.ft. Fitness centre, and enabled them to transform their business.”

Ebenezer creates a passion in his employees for exciting and invigorating work by training them accordingly. To this end, he updates them with skills and knowledge over realtime situations at different gyms. In addition, Ebenezer also ensures that they are trained, as regards the front desk work required to run a gym. Owing to this ingenious approach, GCI’s growth has been very organic without necessitating the presence of an investor. “My team and I visit gyms, meet the owners, understand their issues and figure out ways to provide solutions for them that’s how we pipeline profits and distribute them amongst ourselves. Accounts of our work have spread by word of mouth very quickly, and we have a lot of queries coming in. As we don't simply follow others in the industry, we have set a benchmark in this field being the first to adopt this particular approach,” states Ebenezer. With GCI’s future plans including the buying and selling gyms and fitness centers, providing of services that encompass all sectors of the fitness industry, and more importantly amalgamating the latest technology with the field, this company is well on its way to enhancing and revolutionizing your health and fitness journey.