Creative Factor: Building Relationships to Deliver Quality Customer Experiences

CIO Vendor Running any business, large or small is a daunting task the larger the scale, the bigger the number of problems. Today, the market has numerous business consulting organizations which are catering to large enterprises; however, most large consulting firms fail at customizing their offerings and meeting the requirements of SMEs. More than the pricing SME business owners need much more straight forward, transparent and practical solutions which will allow them to make vital decisions. Established in 2009, Creative Factor is a Business Consulting and Communication Firm that believes in working with clients as an extended team.

“We did multiple indepth studies of the SMEs and discovered that many of them are stagnant, or growing marginally due to lack of investment capital, talent, management practices, and changes in the economy. Once we identified the key areas, we went ahead and started building frameworks that will help them understand and deal effectively with their actual problems. We work as an extended team to customize, fine-tune and develop a plan that suits their organization,” says Tridiv Das, Founder, Creative Factor. Adding to this, Satish Kumar, Co- Founder, Creative Factor tells, “Being a Business Consulting and Communication company, we like to solve business challenges. A brand has to keep its relationships with five vital stakeholders - employees, customers, partners, channel, and investors, and we at Creative Factor constantly strive to strengthen the relationships that matter to every business.”

Creative Factor has two divisions, one that caters to larger enterprises and the other that provides services to SMEs. For Enterprise clients, the firm emphasizes on Integrated Marketing Services, while for SMEs, Creative Factor concentrates more holistically at an organizational level. “Our flagship programs for SMEs are Brand Business Management Program,Workplace Cultural Transformation Program, Marketing Management Program and Business System Management Program,” says Tridiv Das.
Creative Factor has been working with many clients in verticals like Retail, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Fashion, Information Technology, Lifestyle & Wellness, and Education. Some of them are well-established brands like Apple, Essilor, Schneider Electric, Dassault System, Reliance Retail. “To deliver exceptional customer experience, companies need to refocus on all the relationships with employees, partners, and customers. For our SME segments we have already introduced four unique solutions such as Brand Business Management Program which allow them to understand how to build their company's brand value beyond just logo design; Workplace Cultural Transformation Program which will enable them to retain and grow talent in a healthy work environment; Marketing Management Program which allows them to connect with their customers, build their relationships and deliver better customer experience; and Business System Management Program which enables them to design a business system freeing up their bandwidth for making their business future-ready,” shares Tridiv Das.

CreativeFactor comprehensively understands and identifies business communication and marketing requirements andhelps businesses effectively bridge these gaps to derive maximum benefits

Charting the Path Ahead
A young organization, Creative Factor has managed to grown in size from operating out of Bangalore to now catering to clients across four metro cities Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Chennai. “We have developed our knowledge repository and team size to cater to the rising demand for our services, and we are writing books to equip our customers with a new mindset. The journey has just begun,” mentions Partho Sinha. Creative Factor is developing an ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Tomorrow any entrepreneur will be able to focus on the areas that matter to them the most,rest Creative Factor and its partners will manage.

In the years to come, Creative Factor wishes to reach out to founders, owners of the small and mid-sized companies. “We want them to know that we are here for them and they are not alone. We wish to acknowledge them for their contribution to our society and most of all, we want to bring the joy of running the business back so that they could discover their blue ocean and make waves,” signs off Tridiv Das.