Zoutons to Get you Latest Black Friday Deals

Zoutons To Get you Latest Black Friday Deals

Zoutons.com is the one-stop destination for all the people who love online deals and offers. It promotes “the loot is on” motto, shop in bulk yet save huge!

Fetch discount coupons for over 500 brands at Zoutons and buy any item you have been wishing for at minimal rates.

With the launch of Black Friday sale on Zoutons.com, this Black Friday you can avail up to 55% discount on buying phones and tablets from Walmart. It is a move that will help in increasing the sales on the online platform. By acting as a mediator between the customers and these popular brands Zoutons is going to ensure that every customer gets the best deals on all the online stores at a single place.

The founder of Zoutons, Mr.SahilChalana is very excited and thrilled with the introduction of Black Friday Sale on Zoutons. He said that “the introduction of Black Friday Sale on our platform is a big task. If it gets success to a certain extent, then we will see more and more US brands trying to reach the Indian market.”

What is Black Friday Sale?

The day after the Thanksgiving Day, (which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November) in the US is given the name of Black Friday and it marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The festive season is an ideal time to buy almost anything you wanted to get as you will certainly get it at a massive discount.

Almost all major retail stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Walmart and more give amazing offers to the customers during Black Friday Sale. It generally starts during the third week of November and ends by the beginning of December. A major consumer base gets attracted to these sales and are ready to wait for long hours in front of the stores when the sale is about to start.

Now, with the increasing popularity of e-commerce, an increasing number of purchases are being made via the internet. Earlier, banners, pamphlets, and newspaper ad were the main source of the latest deals. But with the modernization going around, the details regarding the sales need a new platform. Internet is the perfect platform for providing the latest offers for the e-commerce platforms and Zoutons is taking the initiative to bring the best deals to your PC or mobile phone and make your shopping during the Black Friday sale a lot faster and easier.

Zoutons Black Friday Sale

Zoutons Marketing Head, Siddharth Arya (BITS Pilani graduate) is quite positive with the whole initiative. He says that “For us, it is really huge task. We are really looking forward to the Black Friday sale as last year the total online expenditure was around $5.1 billion and we do expect minimum 14% growth this time”

This Black Friday, Zoutons.com along with its partners which include Kohls, Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon, Bestbuy and the others brings you the deals of the lifetime. There are amazing deals on products from various categories such home décor, electronic gadgets like cell phones and laptops, home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. In addition to that you can get discounts on jewellery and cosmetics along with toys and gaming consoles.

This Black Friday if you want to avail exclusive offers on your favourite product and that too from different categories and stores, then Zoutons will be at your rescue.

Zoutons will provide you with descriptive banners to provide you with precise information like eBay is selling new Iphone for $250, or there’s a discount of 40% by Target on all home décor products.

“We, as a team, are trying to provide the consumer with transparency about all the e-commerce stores, their provided categories and the available discounts which are going to be launched in the US’s Black Friday Sale. Our main attention would be towards Amazon, Walmart, Target &Bestbuy as these 4 stores capture more than 70% of online spending during the black friday sale ” says Sahil Gupta (DTU graduate), Product Head at Zoutons.

Zoutons will give you needed aid

In case you are wondering how to avail these awesome deals, all you need to do is

  • Zoutons has made tie-ups with popular US stores such as Macy’s, Amazon, Walmart, and the others to bring the best deal to its customers.
  • You can find Blogs which provide in depth description of the products, along with the discounts. You can search for any product based on the categories as well as by the stores on these blogs.
  • During the Black Friday sales, the deals change on the hourly basis and to ensure that you don’t miss any of the deals these blogs get updated as the new offers are presented by the stores.
  • Along with these blogs you also get discount coupons for many of the stores which are exclusively available on Zoutons.


Every year, people mark their calendars with the dates of Black Friday Sale. For them, it not only denotes the season of festival but also provides them with discounts on everything that they have desired to buy. With Zoutons.com you can make online purchase for yourself and your loved ones with much ease.

For a change, shop online with Zoutons as your companion and make your holidays extra special.

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