Zomato Launches Maternity Insurance for Women Delivery Partners

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 26 October 2023

Launch of a comprehensive maternity insurance plan for its female delivery partners has been announced by the food ordering and delivery platform Zomato on Wednesday. With this insurance in place, the female delivery partners can cover expenses with respect to pregnancy, be it baby’s birth or any maternity complications.  

ACKO will be powering this maternity insurance cover and will be extended to the female delivery partners who have completed 1,000 deliveries on the Zomato platform. Also, once should be active since the last 60 days on the date of intimation for the maternity insurance plan. Along with maternity complications such as miscarriage and abortion, the comprehensive coverage includes normal and cesarean deliveries for up to two children. 

This insurance plan will provide privilege of upto Rs 25,000 for normal delivery, upto Rs 40,000 for cesarean sections, and upto Rs 40,000 in case of maternity complications such as miscarriage and abortion.

“Within our organizational framework, diversity and inclusion are the guiding principles. Our commitment goes beyond the surface-level aspects and extends to every corner and stakeholder of our business, including our delivery partners who play an essential role in our day-to-day operations. We are continuously working towards ensuring that female delivery partners are not just participants but also beneficiaries of our inclusive policies and initiatives,” said Rakesh Ranjan, CEO, Food Delivery, Zomato.


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