10 Physics Career Opportunities In 2020

By Team CR Wednesday, 14 August 2019

10 Physics Career Opportunities In 2020

If you're thinking about becoming a physics major, you must find out which job opportunities you will get as soon as you've completed your education. While you can always offer dissertation writing services, other job opportunities are directly related to your course of study. That is a list of the top 10 opportunities for physicists who want to enter the labor market in 2020.

Top 10 Job Opportunities For Physics Graduates
1. Become A Data Scientist

One of the hallmarks of the 21st century is big data. Business and individuals transfer data from one point to another through virtual and physical spaces. As a graduate of physics, you can become a data scientist without getting an MSc. The demand for data scientists is growing, and it will keep growing into the next century.

2. Become A Nuclear Physicist

As a nuclear physicist, your primary responsibility will be to research and develop new and effective ways to generate nuclear energy. It would interest you to know that this is one of the highest-paying jobs for physicists. It will be both practical and theoretical. However, before you can fill in this position, you will most likely need a Ph.D.

3. Become A Meteorologist

The job of a meteorologist is to study and analyze the atmosphere to provide weather forecasts. You can get employment opportunities in several industries, including aviation, agriculture, broadcasting, etc.While you can start with a bachelor's degree, you will need a master's and Ph.D. when you want to advance in your field.

4. Become An Optical Engineer

Optical engineering is another opportunity for physics graduates. The job description primarily involves the manipulation and control of light in various things. It would be anything from scanners, cameras, and telescopes, to other systems that require optics communication. While you can be innovative and create new products, you can also work on making existing products better. That would require a masters degree in optical engineering.

5. Become An Astronomer

Focus on the entire universe by becoming an astronomer. Your job would be to study galaxies, stars, and other things in the universe using telescopes and other instruments at your disposal. You can either work at a government research center or work for a private firm. Either way, the salary is impressive.

6. Become Materials Scientist

Having a physics degree can land you a job as a materials scientist. You will be charged with analyzing the structure of synthetic and natural materials to discover how they adapt and what purposes they serve. You can work in any industry, from medical to construction.

7. Become A Laser Engineer

Your job would primarily involve everything related to laser equipment - from the designing stage to the maintenance stage. Your skills can be useful across industries, including telecommunications, military, medical, etc.

8. Become A Solar Physicist

With global warming becoming an increasing threat to the planet, the demand for solar physicists is growing. These specialists study the sun in relation to the planet. They try to provide answers to some of the questions about solar flares, fossil fuels, etc. You can work with space agencies, universities, government research centers, etc.

9. Become A Computational Scientist

As a computational scientist, your job will be to create computer models of real-world events. You'll be solving scientific problems with computing principles. You will be able to work in manufacturing firms, biomedical firms, aircraft manufacturing firms, etc. You may not need to have a masters degree to work as a computational scientist.

10. Become A Health Physicist

As a health physicist, your job will be to make sure that radiation levels within a given environment remain within the acceptable limits. The ultimate goal is to make sure that the place is safe for living things to inhibit without causing any lasting damage. After analyzing the environment, they offer safety recommendations to required bodies.

Bottom Line

As a physics graduate, there are many job opportunities available to you. However, some jobs are going to be in higher demand than others in 2020, and the jobs listed above fall within this category. It is a good idea to pursue a masters and doctorate if you want to reach the peak of your career.

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