YouTube Is Getting A Big Upgrade That Will Make It More Engaging On TV

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 14 March 2024

The most recent changes to YouTube's TV-optimized interface were revealed today, with an emphasis on improving interactivity and emphasizing chapters, comments, and video descriptions without taking away from the viewing experience. The business is always improving the design of its applications for different platforms and screen sizes.

The video's size is somewhat smaller in the new style to make room for the description, comments, and other surrounding features. Although it's not YouTube's default appearance—many users still prefer to watch videos in full screen—it's easy to navigate to the more interactive interface from the conventional video player screen.

According to a blog post by YouTube's Joe Hines and Aishwarya Agarwal, the design attempts to simplify the viewing experience by keeping the video as the main focus and seamlessly incorporating distinctive YouTube features.

The idea of making the video player smaller and simplifying its interface was the starting point for the design process. The new TV experience is the product of YouTube's design team's development of many prototypes with varying degrees of complexity and user input to identify the most successful strategy.

Furthermore, YouTube is stepping up its attempts to bring commerce to the TV screen by moving interactive elements to the right side. When content creators include products in their videos, a segment labeled "products in this video" will display. It is not currently possible to complete transactions straight from the TV; instead, consumers will see a QR code on the app, which they may scan to complete their purchases on their phones.

Additionally, YouTube intends to roll out this facelift to YouTube TV, allowing viewers to follow scores without interfering with games that are already in progress. Instead of being made accessible to everyone at once, users will be able to access the TV app upgrades progressively over the next few weeks.

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