YouTube extends its coverage of the WNBA and launches customized QR codes

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 16 May 2024

A number of noteworthy developments from YouTube's 2024 Brandcast event will affect both advertisers and users. The platform's introduction of branded QR codes is one of the major announcements.

Increasing Ad Interaction using QR Codes

Alongside video advertisements, these QR codes will display the logos of the sponsors, making it simple for viewers to learn more about the goods or services being promoted. With the help of this cutting-edge innovation, advertisements should become more dynamic and interesting, giving consumers a smoother method to interact with companies. 9to5Google reported.

YouTube TV is improving its sports content through a new partnership with Google and Scripps Sports in addition to the new QR codes. YouTube TV members with the Base Plan will be able to watch locally broadcasted WNBA Friday night games on ION starting on May 31.

YouTube TV is the only digital multichannel video programming distributor (dMVPD) to provide both local and national WNBA games this season. This coverage will encompass the teams' home and away markets.

For sports lovers, the WNBA coverage on YouTube TV is a huge addition, increasing the range of content available on the site and making live sports more accessible. This action demonstrates YouTube TV's dedication to providing thorough sports content and improving the viewing experience.

Expansion of Select Creator Takeovers on YouTube

The formalization and growth of YouTube Select Creator Takeovers is another noteworthy development from the Brandcast event. Through this initiative, marketers may work with well-known YouTube creators to gain unique possibilities for promotional marketing on the artists' channels.

The Creator Takeovers, which were first tested around the end of 2023, are now being implemented more widely. Through this effort, marketers can fully engage the audiences of creators, offering a distinctive and successful advertising option.

Acknowledging the Impact of Creators

In an opinion piece, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan also emphasized the rising power of creators and stated that he thought it was time for a creator to get an Emmy.

He pointed out that with their own production teams, business plans, and original material, creators are emerging as the new Hollywood. Mohan contends that since artists are changing television through the invention of new genres and the reworking of old ones, they should be accorded the same respect as traditional TV professionals.

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