Why Most of the Youth are willing to Become Entrepreneur?

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Monday, 11 January 2021

The current scenario in the country and with the Government of India’s promotional schemes have encouraged the attraction of Indian youth towards entrepreneurship and start-ups. Entrepreneurship is a fascinating environment where many of the most successful people are very young, there is a lot of justification why young people are good for entrepreneurial achievement. These young people are likely to continue to dominate this sector, provided they have an ambition and trust to move forward with their ideas.

Entrepreneurship is an condition which not only recognizes but also demands innovation and creativity, and this fascinates the youth to enter this sector, the youth think they are invincible and capable of everything they think of, and this is the perfect mindset for a successful entrepreneur. Following are some of the reasons, why most of the youth are willing to become an entrepreneur -

1. Innovation: 
The youth think about all the innovations and concepts that have been brought to life in recent years, all that once was just an idea and extraordinary, young entrepreneurs give life to these ideas

2. Entrepreneurial Skills: 
A major benefit of being a young entrepreneur is the ability to learn essential skills such as teamwork, networking, solving problems, critical thinking, creativity, self-discipline, and many more. 

3. Age Factor: 
The business instinct among the youth is highest, people up to 30 years of age are prepared to take a chance and try something different. Research shows that the desire to spend time and effort is decreased as people grow older and lose more.

4. Passion: 
There is no denying that a young person has more energy than an elder, and similarly, the individuals of the same age may like this passion and zeal towards establishing something own. 

5. Flexibility: 
Business owners have the right to decide their own lifestyles and schedules. The night owls can do their jobs after sunset, early birds can get up and take on the business challenge before dawn, and free spirits can fly around the world while monitoring their business from afar. Indeed, entrepreneurs can strike a work-life balance without losing productivity.
Flexibility does not of course mean that the burden of entrepreneurs is minimized. In a setting where you do not have a manager, you will need self-discipline and outstanding communication skills.

6. Family Business:
A tradition of family self-employment and entrepreneurship has shown that students follow a similar route have an important impact. The survey found that 75 percent of the youth with a business intention came from a family with business experience.

7. Lifestyle Beyond 9 to 5 Job: 
There is much speculation about a flexible way of life, but the reality of the day is that you will really work hard and long, so don't choose that way of life if you think it will be a shortcut. In other words, for youth working hard means a business that is way far more responsive than the typical 9 to 5 and 2 weeks of holidays that business life allows.

The start of a new business is an enormous undertaking, but the effort is also a worthy activity for many young people. These young professionals, motivated by versatility, sense and financial success, are ready to create a career development for themselves and their future.

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