How communication tone of voice affects your business success?

By Team Consultantsreview Friday, 31 July 2020

You must have heard the statement, “It’s not always what you say that matters but how you actually say that matters the most.” The statement is truly said and is implicitly true. Sometimes more than words, toning plays an important role in the conversation, be it personal or business.

The thesis we are trying to establish here is that the sound of you, the pronunciation of specific words, in fact even your body language, all play an important part in forming the overall toning of your conversational voice. The voice may be louder, slower, pleasing, or even dignified. These all play an important role when your brain makes a picture of the person and your entire body forms a particular pose of the conversation.

How communication tone of voice affects your business success?

Herein, we are further going to emphasize how your tone of voice and conversational skills affect your overall business. And mind you, it plays a very important role. You must have observed people doing business and how their personality changes according to the people sitting in front of them.

But that does not mean you have to be sweet and smiling in all your conversations. Sometimes your business may also require you to be authoritative and poised in your tones.

Further, we will discuss examples of how different kinds of services require different tones, how they play important roles, and how to inculcate the different types of toning according to the people you have to deal with. You can also avail help to groom your toning.

Types of tones and the respective professions

Some people don’t even know that they have predetermined tones to almost every situation. These people need to understand that tones can be built up, improved, and even changed according to the clients sitting in front of them.

According to and many other credible sources, the toning in your voice forms a perception of you in the mind of the person that you are dealing with. It forms a basic structure of who you are and will determine whether the business that you are looking for will be carried forward or whether the client is not seemingly pleased.

Types of tones and the respective professions

Let us discuss the toning more vividly by professional examples.

First, let us take into account the toning required for a doctor. A doctor is regarded as God’s representative on earth. He has to be kind to the patients that come to him, that is mandatory. But is being kind and loving in his tone enough? Will it justify his profession if he is kind and loving to everyone who comes to him?

No. he has to be kind but at the same time, he has to be strict and tough sometimes. The same set of words have to be put in different kinds of tones.

“Take your medicines on time, please.” can be said to patients, he knows will care for themselves.

“Do take your medicines on time.” This has to be put firmly to patients who he knows are lenient and won’t be regular or serious with their health routines.

“I know you will take your medicine on time and be a good person.” This very loving tone is used by him to kids and elderly people who just require love and care above everything else.

These high pitch, low pitch, and straight pitch of tones are to be learned and practiced among professionals dealing with almost all kinds of people. They basically will be medical practitioners, teachers, shopkeepers, or any person who has to deal with all kinds of age groups.

Dealing with tone in B2C profession

Then comes the B2C kind of profession. Just like you are a client to professionals whom you approach for assignment help, these business people know who their clients are. And they have to deal with a particular age group of people. They may even deal with a window of age group but as these people come with different temperaments, the toning has to be kept accordingly.

Now if you have ample experience, you will know that within the first five minutes of the meeting the type of client you are dealing with. Similarly, the client also forms a perception about you in the first few minutes of your meeting. Now if the client has done a study before and he knows what he is there for, you have to be direct and firm in your tone.

Your negotiation tone should be subtle until the client is negotiating on your terms. You also should be a hard listener for his terms and then you have to subtly put your terms. In the beginning, you have to be kind but should show the firmness if you want to put your hands down.

Now if you are an amateur in dealing with clients, let us tell you that the first meeting is not the final show. You can shape the tone of your voice with experiences that you deal with. Be affirmative and polite in your meetings. But at the same time, your tone should be firm. The tone should not show that you are an amateur and even if it does, it should reflect that you know your work very well.

How to tone in B2B profession?

Then comes the B2B profession. Herein basically everyone knows the business. So, the tone changes according to the value of the business. The initial conversation and the tone of your conversation will determine how determined you are and how well you know the people you are dealing with.

If you are a well-established businessman you will know very well that you need to have a lucid tone at the beginning and an authoritative tone while closing the deal. Of course, you have to subtly put your terms but they should sound that they are negotiable to a limit. Your tone also determines whether you are the boss or have a boss above you.

For example, the sentence,” Sir, these are our terms which you will need to abide.” can be said firmly and also nicely. But if you find that the client is too negotiating, you can put the above sentence in a bossy manner and that will reveal that you do not want them to negotiate further.

Thus, different professions have the need for different toning. The nature of tones in voices makes a huge difference in the business or services. The biggest difference that the tones of communication make is in the retention of the clients/ customers. So, you need to be careful of toning your sentences according to your customers.

How to groom your tones according to your business?

Grooming your vocal tones is truly important as it determines how much money you will make or how profitable your business will be. You can shape your voice accordingly and groom your toning to make it better to be perceived as a leader or as a seller.

How to groom your tones according to your business?

You as a leader will perceive a tough, intense, and straightforward tone of voice. You will need to put your words in a tone such that your words sound like a command and not as a mere statement for views. The toning of the voice comes through practice and the shaping is not tough. This can be done by a small practice of standing in front of the mirror and having conversations with yourselves.

You can even record yourself talking and then understand the toning that has to be shaped. Take the help of your friends, family colleagues and you will get a better perception of your tones. Always remember you should always be open to critical reviews and change accordingly.

Apply smart voice techniques to your voice. Remember that you should not sound angry, aggressive, or like an ‘I know it all’ person. Your voice tone should be intimidating to the client. There is a thin line sounding authoritative and rude.

Also, remember you need to practice the tone of your voice to hide your excitement if the client is agreeing to your terms and closing the deal according to you. The voice should be calm and composed while being happy. But it should not give out excitement. That does not sound professional at all.

Now on the other hand, if you are a seller, you need a really convincing tone. You have to be clear, lucid, transparent, and also encouraging. You have to be all pumped up and show excitement and enthusiasm in your voice to sell the product. The tone of your voice creates an impression in the mind of the buyer whether he will take the conversation forward.

If the beginning is dull, he will never go ahead to even find out about the product. So, you really have to be excited about selling initially and then convincing that the buyer needs the product.

Don’t just plainly put in the pros and cons of your product and service. Make sure to involve the buyer in your conversation. Ask them questions that lead to your product/service. In short, you have to intimidate the buyer in your conversation with your tone tactics and lead them to get interested in your products.

For this, you have to try selling the product to you. Yes, practice voice tones. Observe the people who do sales and have a conversation with them. Note the pitches in their voice. The start and end of the conversation are really important. In the end, you should not sound as if now your concern is completed once you sell the product.

An impulsive example:

Once a family visited a doctor. A closed one of the family was suffering from some symptoms and the family went to avail the reports. When they met the doctor, he read the reports steadily and looking at the patient he just said mildly, “your lifestyle has affected your health badly. I am afraid the reports are not good.” The patient got hysterical, which was a normal reaction for a person hearing such news.

But instead of keeping calm and sounding comforting. The doctor said in a high pitch voice, “I told you it’s all your fault, now there is no use crying over spilled milk.” The tone of the voice of the doctor led to bad results and he was sued for causing an emotional imbalance in the patient.

So, the toning of the voice can lead to severe results. If the doctor had put the same sentence in a comforting manner, the patient might be showing signs of regret rather than anger. So, the right tone plays an important part in your business/ profession.

The ultimate derivation

We can now derive that your thoughts play an important role in shaping your voice tone and so does your body language. Try to keep the thoughts and body focused in the conversation and your tone will arrange itself according to the situation. If you think you want to learn, you can check out voice learning videos or coaches to train your tones. You will be stunned to see what a major difference this will play in making money and gaining profits for your business.

As, in the end, what you say is less important but how you say it, matters a lot!

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