When To Consult A Workers Compensation Lawyer

While work-related injuries can be prevented, they may still happen. For instance, you could hurt your back while doing daily tasks that involve carrying boxes or heavy objects. Or perhaps, your injury may result from a colleague’s negligence while you’re at work. Or it also could be a simple workplace accident such as accidentally slipping on the floor.

In such instances, particularly when there’s a straightforward claim about work-related injury, some employees consider handling the case on their own. However, consulting a workers’ compensation lawyer can be more beneficial. For one, as a professional, they’re the best people who could give you appropriate legal advice on how best to build and take your case.

Suppose you are suffering a work-related injury or illness, and you’re unsure whether or not to hire a lawyer. As such, this article can serve as your guide.

Here are some instances of when you'll be best served by consulting a workers' compensation lawyer

1. The Settlement Doesn’t Indemnify All Lost Earnings And Medical Expenses

A lot of settlements related to workers’ compensation target permanent disability benefits. The compensation offered is generally based on the medical findings ascertained by the physician in charge of the employee’s case. And in some cases, the company’s insurance carrier may fail to acknowledge these medical ratings and approve them. As such, they may require you to undertake an independent medical evaluation done by their authorized physician.

In such a case, there may be a probability that the physician’s report will show a lower ranking than what you and your injury deserve. So, if you live in North Carolina, you can visit the Best Workers Compensation Law Firm in Salisbury to seek legal advice and assistance to handle your case.

2. You’re Having Trouble Getting Access To Treatment

Work-related injuries are common, especially in companies dealing in manufacturing. Some injuries may require expensive medical treatments such as surgeries and continuous therapy sessions, and this can be a thorny issue in the books of your company’s insurance carrier. And in some cases, the approval of covering your medical treatments can take too long.

However, recovering successfully and becoming healthy again is the goal following an injury. And as such, hiring and consulting a workers’ compensation lawyer can be to your advantage. They can best help in strengthening your case, which can lead to a settlement in good time.

3. You Have A Preexisting Medical Condition Before The Incident

It can be difficult to convince and prove to the insurance company if, for example, you’re suffering from a preexisting condition and you get injured at the same body part while performing work tasks. And chances are, your company’s insurance carrier may try to pin the injury on your preexisting condition instead of being a result of your work responsibilities.

And in such a case, it will be in your best interest to seek the services of a workers' compensation lawyer to build your case and prove to the insurance company you’re entitled to compensation.

4. Your Claim is Rejected

Your claim might be rejected for several reasons. For instance, the insurance carrier might state that your claim wasn’t filed in good time or that the injury or damage you sustained wasn't work-related. For that reason, you can take refuge in the workers' compensation system by appealing the rejection.

Normally, the appeal process differs between states, but you’ll mostly be required to present official paperwork, substantial proof of evidence, and lodge your case at a tribunal. A workers’ compensation lawyer can best help you navigate the entire legal process.

5. Incapability To Go Back To Work Due To A Work-Related Injury

In some cases, due to the damage caused by an injury at work, you may not be able to go back to your previous job and resume your role. Or perhaps, you might find yourself limited to what tasks you can perform at work, or may even stop you from executing any work.

And in cases where you've been subjected to permanent disability, either partial or total, you may have the right to receive regular payments or a big single payment to cover your lost earnings. However, this will not be a walk in the park because insurance companies are more likely to contest, considering how very costly this can be for them.

Therefore, it can be to your advantage to get an experienced workers' compensation lawyer in a case relating to permanent damage or sickness.

Final Thoughts

Sustaining a work-related injury can be traumatizing as it is. And mixing it with legal matters can be overwhelming. And as such, hiring and consulting a workers’ compensation lawyer can help increase your odds of getting the proper settlement that you deserve. They know the law, they can mediate, and also apply different implements to support and strengthen your case.

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