WhatsApp Launches a "Meta AI" Chatbot in India, but there's a Caveat

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 12 April 2024

By introducing "Meta AI" to WhatsApp in one of its largest markets, India, Meta hopes to increase the scope of its generative AI initiatives. The chatbot has quietly and unobtrusively made its way across the nation, raising the possibility that it is only an inside test rather than a full-fledged release.

Customers in India and a few other areas have begun to notice a new Meta AI toggle in the app (which is set to English). This toggle allows you to conduct a natural discussion with the chatbot, which is based on the Llama model developed by WhatsApp's owner. It was first released in September of last year, and in some regions, including the US, it was integrated with WhatsApp. The latest development suggests that Meta could be considering expanding its availability even more.

Given that Meta AI is a part of WhatsApp, it is likely that it will continue to function as a "standalone" app without access to any of your other conversations. Due to the fact that it is a generative AI chatbot, it is feasible that Meta will utilize the conversion trades you make with it for training. We are unsure exactly how much yet.

Meta AI is meant to function much like ChatGPT, providing answers to inquiries and addressing follow-up questions. Additionally, Meta allows you to create images by using word prompts that resemble DALL-E.

There seems to be a relatively small user base currently using the chatbot. More individuals may soon have access to the integration since it has also been noticed by WhatsApp tracking website WABetaInfo in a beta version of the app for both iOS and Android.

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