WhatsApp is Exploring a New Feature to Improve UPI Digital Payments

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 19 March 2024

WhatsApp is launching a new feature that will make it quicker to make payments within the app. This new feature will allow users to directly scan UPI QR codes from their chat list. This feature was first spotted by WAbetaInfo, a website that tracks the latest WhatsApp features in the beta testing phase. The feature is initially available to Android beta testers and introduces a shortcut within the chats list for quick payments.

By lowering the number of steps needed to complete an online payment, the new functionality appears to be intended to improve transaction convenience. For Indian UPI users—many of whom already use WhatsApp for small-scale transactions—the capability is advantageous. With this functionality, WhatsApp is attempting to position itself as a go-to tool for more than simply messaging when it comes to financial requirements.

Users of Android may use the new Payment Feature by downloading update With a new shortcut, the UPI QR codes are located at the top of the list of WhatsApp chats.

Another upgrade from WhatsApp aims to improve user privacy by preventing users from taking screenshots of their profile images. The most recent stable version of the app has this security feature, which was reported by Android Police. Users now get an error message stating that app constraints prevent them from taking a screenshot of their profile image. WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, keeps emphasizing measures that protect and secure user privacy.

Some Android beta testers may now use the QR code scanning capability, and the most recent stable version of the app now has the screenshot limitation in place.

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