Which Businesses Need A Mobile App?

By Consultantsreview Team Friday, 12 March 2021

Which Businesses Need A Mobile App?The 21st century is a century of rapid technological development. Do not neglect the opportunity to improve your business and, accordingly, increase profits.

The mobile application can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Replacing the printed catalogue with a mobile application allows you to save enormous sums on printing products a year and create an interactive experience with a user, preserving the environment, which is very important today.
  • A number of companies that are engaged in the production of complex technological equipment began to release a mobile application instead of technical documentation and instructions.
  • Trading companies are transferring their loyalty systems to mobile devices, as the customers often forget or lose their bonus cards, and the smartphone is always at hand.
  • Businesses use mobile apps to send push notifications, which replaced the standard SMS, to inform customers about promotions and made it possible to personalize offers to them.

An important fact is that the smartphone has become a place for storing bank cards and a tool for performing many payment transactions for the user. So it is beneficial to have your own mobile store just one click away from the buyer's payment card. It is convenient not only for the user but also for the business owner. Take automation in the banking industry as an example. A very useful feature that allows you to process repetitive work more efficiently, eliminate human factor errors, streamline interactions with their customers, and significantly increase back-office productivity.

Now for any company that is represented on the Internet, it is important to have a well-structured directory and easy search. And so, here is a list of businesses for which, in our opinion, a mobile application is a must-have:

Retail chains. They see an opportunity to expand the set of marketing tools with new software functionality: Push-notification, QR codes, e-coupons, virtual discount and accumulative discount cards, geo-targeting, voice search, NFC and Bluetooth.

Online shops. They need a full-fledged solution in the form of a mobile application since the competition for top positions in search results on the mobile Internet is very different from the usual search engine optimization. In addition, the screen of a smartphone is significantly different from the screens of a PC, so the user generates a request for a convenient mobile interface, which cannot be provided using Web technologies.

Service industry. Car services, hotels, car sharing, cafes, restaurants, medical centers, barbershops and many others - for these categories of business, it is important to provide a convenient service to the buyer, which is expressed in advance registration, booking, receiving personalized offers, saving information about participation in the loyalty program. The application should be as user-friendly as possible and as useful as you can ever imagine. By giving consumers the ability to satisfy all of their needs with the app, you get a satisfied and loyal client.

Manufacturing companies that save on printing advertising products (catalogues and brochures) provide wholesale customers with the ability to form order from a m-catalogue.

Numerous reports from research companies indicate that mobile devices are coming to the fore in dealing with information. Consequently, all players in the market will need appropriate technologies to serve smartphone users and mobilize customer services. So we are betting on the development of solutions for m-commerce and Mobile Loyalty Management (loyalty systems that use a smartphone as a communication centre with a client and the main marketing tool to stimulate buying activity).

Thus, we can distinguish two types of applications:

  1. For clients. This is your pocket employee who is always on the lookout and always ready to accept an order from a user, consult or serve.
  2. For internal (business) use. Now the question of automating everything that is possible is very acute. Including the automation of the company's internal processes. Your employees may be rewarded with an internal messenger, a mobile CRM system, a complex calculator for performing specific maths, a task tracker, etc. Moreover, you can even monitor the movements of the staff. There are a lot of advantages, but the main thing is, certainly, mobility. Now it is not necessary to have a computer with you. A smartphone is enough.

Each business should consider a mobile application for itself in a particular way. Because this is a completely different, closer and more operational level of interaction with customers and employees.

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