WhatsApp Introduces Marketing Messages Feature to Help Businesses

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 16 November 2023

WhatsApp intends to provide expanded communication tools to businesses. In this attempt, WaBetaInfo claims that the chat business has introduced a new feature known as Marketing Messages in version 

This new feature, discovered in the WhatsApp Business beta for Android, appears on the Business Tools page. It enables organizations to plan and customize messages to provide a more personalized client experience.

This capability, according to WaBetaInfo, allows businesses to adapt their outreach methods. Companies may analyze the effectiveness of their messages and receive useful information on how to improve their relationships with customers.

According to the research, firms may be charged a fee to use this optional service, the amount of which varies by nation. The advantage, however, is in the capacity to properly manage costs, ensuring organizations stay within budget. This tool is especially useful for smaller businesses looking to broaden their reach and engage with a larger audience at the same time. According to the research, the Marketing Messages function helps the spread of new offers, notifications, and promotions, such as coupons and deals.

Customers are instantly aware of these notifications, boosting communication transparency. It should be noted that individuals can report or prohibit businesses at any moment. Engaging with businesses via Marketing Messages is entirely optional, allowing individuals to choose their level of involvement.


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