WhatsApp Introduces Custom Sticker Maker for iOS Users

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 12 January 2024

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has rolled out a new custom sticker maker for iOS users, aiming to bring a playful element to conversations within the app. This feature, which has been in development for a while, enables iPhone users to create, edit, and share personalized stickers directly within WhatsApp, eliminating the need for external applications. Although currently exclusive to iOS, it is expected to be made available for Android users in the near future.

The Sticker Maker feature simplifies the sticker creation process, allowing users to bypass the traditional method of dragging and dropping images or resorting to third-party apps. Instead, WhatsApp has incorporated an auto-crop function and a suite of editing tools that include text, drawing options, and the ability to overlay other stickers. Once sent, the customized sticker is automatically stored in the sticker tray, facilitating easy resending.

To create a personalized sticker, iOS users can follow these steps: open the sticker tray, tap on the sticker icon, choose 'create sticker,' pick an image from the gallery, customize the sticker with a cutout, and add text, other stickers, or drawings. Afterward, users can simply hit send.

Existing stickers can also be edited by opening the sticker tray, long-pressing the desired sticker, selecting 'edit sticker,' customizing it with text, other stickers, or drawings, and finally sending the edited sticker.

It's worth noting that the WhatsApp Sticker Maker is currently accessible on WhatsApp Web and is rolling out for iOS 17 and above. Users with older iOS versions can edit existing stickers but are unable to create new ones.

Looking ahead, WhatsApp plans to enhance its Sticker Maker with additional updates, including the highly anticipated AI sticker generator. Meta introduced this AI feature on September 27, 2023, during the Meta Connect event. The AI sticker generator allows users to create personalized stickers by simply typing text. The AI interprets the text's meaning and mood, generating a corresponding sticker that is automatically added to the user's sticker tray for convenient sharing with contacts.

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