WhatsApp Intends to Eliminate the Green Tick and Replace it with this for Verified Users

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 05 July 2024

Facebook and Instagram just received "blue tick verification," and it appears that WhatsApp will soon follow suit, changing its green checkmark to a blue one. According to reports, WhatsApp Business would provide recognized firms with a blue checkmark in place of the current green one.

WhatsApp is reportedly releasing a new upgrade in which the green checkmark may become blue, according to WABetaInfo. Additionally, the updated checkmark will be sent to all confirmed channels.

What's new?

The proposed upgrade seeks to standardize the verification badges across all Meta platforms, as WABetaInfo revealed. The blue checkmarks on Facebook and Instagram appear to be somewhat similar to the blue tick.

The screenshot released by WABetaInfo indicates that the app's appearance will be consistent with other Meta platforms as the previous green badge will be replaced with a blue checkmark. This is to provide users with a consistent experience across all of its apps. It's thought that WhatsApp is openly testing this update right now.

The new blue checkmark is only visible to a select few beta users who have downloaded the most recent version of WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store. In the upcoming weeks, additional users are anticipated to get access to the service.

How can "Blue-Tick" on WhatsApp assist you?

In what ways would the suggested feature alter your experience, then? This is the anticipated update for WhatsApp Business.

It is anticipated that the blue tick will indicate the importance of Meta to your WhatsApp Business account. This is an indication of reliability, which may help you gain more customers' confidence with your verified company profile. Customers are more willing to interact with companies they believe to be trustworthy and safe, which can increase revenue.

It appears that companies having verified Meta profiles have an advantage over those without. The blue Meta Verified checkmark will indicate legitimacy and professionalism, which might draw in more clients and increase revenue.

This move may help companies who use several Meta platforms to stay consistent with their brand. In the end, this fortifies the connection between WhatsApp Business and other Meta services, establishing a unified online identity.

Moreover, it is probable that the validated company profiles will have increased exposure in user conversations and search results. This increases discoverability and consumer engagement since it makes it simple for customers to locate you.

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