What is Road Trip Insurance?

By Rosy, Market Specialist Wednesday, 29 June 2022

What is Road Trip Insurance?Road trips are a part of everyone’s bucket list. And why not? It lets you play the music of your choice as you drive through scenic routes, peek out of the window just to immerse in the greenery and feel the wind blow your hair. You enjoy the journey as much as you enjoy the destination. Moreover, they are flexible, relaxed, and pocket friendly. But, did you know? It is imperative to cover your road trips against unforeseen threats with road trip insurance. Yes. Now, you might wonder what road trip insurance is, what it covers, etc. Well, this article is all about road trip protection cover. So, let’s dive in!

What is Road Trip Insurance?

Unanticipated car breakdown or accidents can crush the holiday mood, especially because it could easily wipe out all your savings. That's when road trip insurance comes in! It offers coverage of up to ₹3 lakh and in case of international travel, you get covered for up to ₹1 lakh. This insurance plan also provides compensation against unsolicited expenses like hotel bookings, roadside assistance, and a 24x7 card-blocking service.

Key Features of Road Trip Insurance Cover

On-Trip Financial Support

Let's say you’re stranded in an unknown place mid-trip. Wouldn't that be scary? Well, road trip insurance plans  ascertain that you are not left in the lurch. You can get in touch with your insurer and inform them about the situation to receive financial aid for an urgent hotel stay and travel compensation according to your sum insured amount.

Ease of Low Annual Fee

With this plan, you get a huge sum insured for a small annual fee. It avoids unnecessary outflow of cash during unforeseen emergencies. It enables you to keep your savings intact if something goes wrong during your trip.

Debit/Credit Card Blocking

Lost your wallet--which included your debit and credit cards--in alien city? The fear of 'what if someone used my credit card/debit card' can cause severe anxiety. Fret not! With road trip insurance on your side, you can breathe easy. All you have to do is contact your insurance provider to have your cards blocked.

Documents Required to Buy Road Trip Insurance

Here are the documents you must keep handy to purchase this pocket insurance plan for road trips:

  • Address proof (Aadhaar card, driving licence, any utility bill, etc.)
  • Identity proof (Voter ID card, passport, PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc.)
  • Passport size photographs

What’s Covered Under Road Travel Insurance Cover?

This Road Trip Insurance Cover extends the following coverage to the policy owners:

On-Road Assistance

You can avail 24x7 assistance in case of emergencies like car breakdowns on your trip. Insurance providers extend this benefit across the country so that more and more people can enjoy the ease of on-road assistance without any inconvenience.

Coverage for Emergency Stay

If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, you receive a lump-sum amount worth up to ₹50,000 and ₹1 lakh for domestic and international trips, respectively. It covers expenses related to emergency stays and the return journey. As this debt is offered without interest charges, you need to return it within 28 days.

Additional Protection

It offers a complimentary personal accident coverage of up to ₹3 lakh for hospitalisation expenses . Moreover, this plan includes compensation for emergency medical evacuation.

What’s Not Covered Under Road Trip Insurance Cover?
Here are the circumstances under which you cannot avail the policy coverage:

Breach of Traffic Rules

If the reason behind your vehicular damages is negligence on your part, your claim shall be rejected. During such cases, you will have to bear the cost of your actions. So, do not ignore the traffic rules as you go tripping on picturesque roads. Following the rules might seem boring, but legal troubles can be a buzzkill.

Usage of Alcohol or Drugs

People generally get drunk during their road trips. Now, if you lose your valuables while you are under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, your claim won’t be approved. Insurance companies conduct thorough investigations into such matters to approve or disapprove the claim. Hence, it is highly recommended that you avoid sharing false information.


Today, nobody doubts that technology and travel  are the perfect combination. Millennials have also played a significant role in this shift. They love to travel and are also passionate about new technology. Be it your own vehicle or a rental, do not forget to do your research about travel insurance. Read through details like what is covered, what isn’t, terms, and conditions online. When you go to an unknown location, it is better to be safe than sorry. This road trip could be one of the most exciting experiences ever. It gives you an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with friends and families. So, when you indulge in it, why not be sure that nothing ruins it?

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