What is a 360 Degree Marketing Plan? How to develop 360-degree marketing strategies?

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Friday, 17 January 2020


What is a 360 Degree Marketing Strategy?

Building a brand or a position for existing or newly launched products in the market is a basic and most important necessary factor because of the increasing competition in the market. Today, surviving in the market with good revenue and profit ratio is only possible when any product or service will create high demands in the market. And to create demand among the consumers for any product or services the methods used to market them should be unique and reach the customers in every possible way. One such type of marketing strategy is a 360-degree marketing approach, a company implements every available marketing form to promote its products and services, whether it is online, telephonic or outdoor and many more on the list. Today the methods of marketing a product or services keep changing according to the changing market trends and developing technology. A new form of marketing that is gaining prominence in recent days is online marketing, also known as digital marketing, in digital marketing, there are various platforms established that are being actively used by the people. Though being a traditional form but still outdoor marketing has its own standards and importance in marketing. All such methods of marketing build up the 360-degree marketing strategy.

How to develop a 360-degree marketing strategy?

Today, every company works on developing unique and exclusive marketing strategies to create huge market demands for its products or services. With this, a high competency has been created in the field of marketing, and most of the companies are opting for a 360-degree marketing strategy. Following are some of the ways to develop a 360-degree marketing strategy:-

1. Outdoor –

Being a traditional form of marketing, outdoor marketing has still maintained its high demands in the era of online marketing. Outdoor marketing is a method through which a company can promote its products or services to a greater mass and there are various types of outdoor marketing such as billboards, hoardings, posters, banners and many more. And with the developing technology, digital billboards are gaining high market demands.

2. Social Media Platforms –

The new face of marketing is online marketing. In some cases, some of the companies have turned themselves as a brand using online marketing. Presently, online or digital marketing is empowered to create a huge market demand for any product or service; it is just that the ways of using social media for marketing should be planned in the right way.

3. Websites –

As digital media is flourishing as a new age medium of communication, companies are finding unique ways of marketing using technology. A website is an easy way of letting people gather complete information about any product or company. This design of a website plays a vital role in attracting the consumers, an eye-catching website can easily pull the attention of the people and make them show interest in knowing more about the products and services provided by the company.

4. Email –

Sending coupons and vouchers via email is also a way of marketing and gaining customers. Today, most of the online shopping stores send emails to their existing users or new customers informing them about the new offers and coupons available.

5. Campaigns –

Conducting campaigns to promote products and services is a common method of marketing. In general, the companies organize campaigns along with a social ideology that can endorse the product as well as the motto of the campaign together.

The way market trends are changing at a pace, a company has to discover a unique and different method of marketing their products and services. An organization should come out with new concepts every time and try to plan a strategy that can be out of their zone and stands different in the market as well as attract a huge number of customers. Hence with such marketing conditions, the demands for 360-degree marketing strategies are increasing.


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