We'll Set Ourselves Apart, says Lenovo of the Unique AI Features in its PCs

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 28 March 2024

The current AI PC sales pitch centers on the capabilities of Microsoft's Copilot chatbot running on hardware that is powered by Windows 11 and especially engineered to handle AI workloads. On top of Copilot, Lenovo is already thinking about how to deliver its customers a unique experience.

"There will be many more announcements that set us apart from our rivals. On the fringes of the Lenovo Innovate event in Bangkok on Wednesday, Leon Yu, Consumer Business Lead at Lenovo Asia Pacific, told indianexpress.com, "We will have something very different on top of that while they are still using the standard Copilot."

Therefore, Lenovo's own AI research combined with some of the most recent developments from Microsoft could provide the PC manufacturer an advantage in the race to increase the use of the technology. Currently, almost every Windows computer depends on Microsoft's Copilot, an AI chatbot that uses ChatGPT technology from OpenAI to construct responses.

Although Yu would not elaborate on those "differentiated" experiences, he did say that the company was currently working on a "pipeline" plan to set itself apart from other PC brands and incorporate its own AI technologies into the products.

When customers begin to realize the actual applications of artificial intelligence, Yu thinks that generative AI as an entirely on-device experience would really shine out above a cloud-based solution.

After ChatGPT and other AI tools completely revolutionized the IT industry, generative AI has rapidly evolved into much more than just a catchphrase. According to Yu, the company's future PC strategy would heavily rely on artificial intelligence (AI), which will also help it maintain its leadership position as the world's top PC vendor. Lenovo, in Yu's opinion, is more than just a remarkable PC; it is an ISP that wishes to advance its products. He declared, "We work with other industry providers in addition to trying to differentiate ourselves by offering our solution."

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