Tricks That Start-Ups Can Use to Boost Their SEO Results

By Steffy Alen Monday, 14 December 2020

Tricks That Start-Ups Can Use to Boost Their SEO Results

The Australian tech startups sector contributes nearly about four per cent of the country’s GDP to the economy. Many successful Australian startups have received international acclamation for their unique value. If you have currently begun a business startup, you must have probably already know the importance of SEO in a business. In case you don’t have an agency hooked up for SEO services, you can search for an online marketing company in Australia to help you in your venture for better SEO assistance.

In case you opt to manage your SEO, yourself, you need to adopt strong SEO practices for an online presence. And, there are certain tricks and hacks that startups can use to boost their results, they are:


Excellent research is the foundation of your strategy. It’s always better to conduct a good amount of research before coming up with a perfect plan. Research the best SEO practices that are currently trending in the market. Read blogs where the other startups have mentioned the SEO strategies that turned out effective for them. These examples will not only boost your confidence but will also form a roadmap for your success. Therefore, invest your time in comprehensive research.

Strong Keyword Strategy

A strong keyword strategy is a must in your SEO planning. For this, you should research the keywords that deliver the best results. Also, if you are planning for a local startup, go for local keywords like, ‘best Sushi Restaurants in Sydney’.

Here, in the example, both the place and its purpose are highlighted. Always go for simple and specific keywords that best focus on your services. To beat the competition, you can also introduce something like ‘cheapest Sushi Restaurants in Sydney’.

Earn Backlinks

It’s important to earn backlinks, and you should focus more on them. There has to be some referral to your site from other domains. This will prove to be an effective strategy to target traffic on your website. 

For this, you can identify the key sources or other directories that will allow you to post a link on their domains. Another way of earning backlinks is through blogs and guest posts. You can also take help from an online marketing company in Australia for this purpose.

The benefit of these backlinks is that they will improve your content authority and will help your content rank better in the search results.

Track Your Competitors

You should also be aware of the strategies that your competitors are adopting into their SEO practices. This way, you will be updated with the latest marketing strategies on the one hand, and on the other, you will be able to compare your performance with your competitors. Keep an eye on their keyword strategies and how a particular strategy is working for them.

Track Your Performance

For achieving continuity and success in your strategies, evaluate your SEO practices with the results. One of the best practices for a strong analysis is an SEO audit. An audit will lay light on the performance-related factors of your keywords and the overall site health. You can accordingly improvise your strategies to solve the problems.

So, you can introduce these tricks in your SEO practice, and you will eventually see them turning out the best for you. But considering the cost of resources for maintaining an in-house SEO department, it is better for you to hire a local SEO agency. Nevertheless, when it comes to digital marketing, experienced professionals are the real game-changers.

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