Top Industries Which Will See A Strong Future In 2021

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Thursday, 03 December 2020

We can certainly agree that the year 2020 has witnessed the viciousness of the COVID-19 pandemic which is reflected across the globe through various industries. With people struggling to keep up their jobs, most of the countries suffered the debacles of a poor economy. Although the world took some time to revive, the world economy is gaining pace gradually and so are the industries whose growth had become stagnant owing to the pandemic.

With a promise of numerous job offerings along with a stable payment, the industries mentioned below are not to face downfall anytime soon. Luring out candidates to forge their career around it, the top industries which will envisage a strong future in 2021 are mentioned below:

  • Cybersecurity: Due to the rising dependency on digital platforms such as online bank transactions, shopping, learning, and many more, has made our data more susceptible to hacking than ever before. Coronavirus has emerged as a recent threat for cybersecurity, as hackers are taking advantage of everyone’s dependencies over these digital tools and gadgets. The cybersecurity industry was already witnessing significant growth every year before the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The surging threat imposed by the coronavirus outbreak is certainly going to accelerate the pace of cybersecurity businesses as people will be willing to spend more on their online safety measures.
  • Healthcare: Although healthcare was never a lousy industry, the pandemic outbreak has definitely outlined its worth and impact on our lives. With rising vulnerabilities among the peoples either for the pandemic or any kind of health-related issues, the healthcare sector is certain to ascend to major heights in the upcoming years. Not only the industry offers a promising career with handsome paycheques but practitioners are also considered as frontline warriors owing to their impeccable effort for saving human lives.
  • Eco-Friendly Technologies: As the travel industry was forced to a halt owing to the pandemic outbreak, people witnessed the images across the globe without air pollution. This phenomenon urged the world to ponder over adopting eco-friendly technologies at a more pragmatic level. With companies like Tesla and Audi are venturing out in this sector, eco-friendly technologies are soon going to be a major trendsetter of the travel industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Another industry that witnessed a significant boost owing to the pandemic outbreak, the pharmaceutical sector is witnessing a huge investment across the globe for finding out a vaccine for the COVID-19. Battling the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed a significant boost by emerging as a billion-dollar industry which is more than double of its worth during 2016. With most of the youngsters interested to build careers around it, the pharmaceutical industry certainly seems to be one of the thriving sectors of 2021.
  • Online Platforms: Starting from teaching, learning, to entertainment and remote healthcare, online platforms have become a major aspect of our lives since the pandemic. Benefitting everyone irrespective of their age, online platforms have certainly made our life easier by offering services around different verticals at the tip of our fingers. As it is just the beginning, online platforms are certain to witness rapid growth not just in the upcoming year but also in the years ahead.

This article focuses on the industries which are expected to witness stable growth in the post-pandemic scenario. Equipped with recent innovations and novel technologies that can not only assist the consumers to avail the benefits offered by them, these industries have been carefully curated and organized to stand the test of time in long terms.

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