Government fails to create Job opportunities

By Team CR Thursday, 24 October 2019

Government fails to create Job opportunities

Consulting has mainly been associated with technology for the last two decades in India. Almost all sectors of society have experienced a digital leap that has changed the way they function . Digital consultants have spearheaded this revolution offering their expertise across the entire country. Yet there are a few sectors that are refusing this positive change and are resilient to it. It can be credited to several different factors and can be a consequence of anything from company leaders not seeing the value of digitalization to regulations detaining progress.

The modernization of lotteries

In India, there is one specific sector where this is especially evident, lotteries. Lotteries have been popular in India for countless of years but its current form took shape in 1967. After all private lotteries were banned in India, Kerala was the first state to start its own lottery. It was an immediate success and several states followed its lead.

The problem is that since its inauguration not much has changed. Lottery tickets are still sold by vendors and payments are almost exclusively in cash. Since Indias increasing internet penetration more and more customers are ready for change. This has lead to an increase in information outlets on online lotteries. The failure of bringing state lotteries online haven’t only prevented to educate Indian players of the risks of gambling, but also made them look for international lotteries with lotto games you can play online.

On most Indian lottery sites, it is almost impossible to find guides of how to play the state-regulated lotteries, but you don’t need to look far to find guides for how to play Powerball in India . Not only is value leaving the country but a lot of qualified consultants opportunities are not being created.

Government institutions often fall behind but not because of disinterest or hindering regulations but rather a lack of key competence. They just don’t have enough digital experts at hand. In India, this should not be an issue. Not only is there a large pool of digital consultant experts but the changes state lotteries need to make are not that complex. There are several successful lotteries from other countries that have moved online so there are several benchmarks to look at.

Legalising Online Lottery makes gambling safer

Legalising Online Lottery makes gambling safer

Helping the state lottery institutions make this change will also become a way to make the lotteries safer. A common problem is counterfeit lottery ticket rackets  which would become obsolete as a result of transitioning online. Another recurring problem at hand is gambling addiction and the consequences of it. An IT consulting firm could easily provide their expertise on how to monitor risk behaviours among online lottery customers. Providing customers with digital payments is another way to minimize risks. Vendors don’t risk getting robbed and it’s easier to trace digital transactions hindering losses.

Now this change would create an enormous amount of opportunities for this country’s talented digital consultants whilst improving the safety and experience for thousands of customers. All that is needed is for the state lottery institutions to realize the imminent urgency for change. Hopefully, it will take place in the near future before the Indian people prefer international lotteries as opposed to domestic.

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