Top Factors Influencing Workplace Happiness Index

By Rohan A T Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Happiness at work is an often overlooked topic but the truth of the matter is that it is one crucial element that affects the work performance of the employees. According to the survey conducted on work happiness, it shows that a positive work environment has a massive effect on the work mentality of the employees and this, in turn, impacts the performance of the employees. The foundations of happiness at work are laid down by the work culture of that organization. When looking at the science behind happiness at work, one can see that the happier the employees are at work, the more they will be motivated to work for the company.  These self-motivated employees will be the greatest asset a company can ever have. So, it is key to create and nurture a happy workplace that not only makes the employees perform well but also reduces the work stress and monotony. The reason behind the happiness of employees can be anything from impressive salary packages to supportive team members and leaders. Some of the other factors that impact the workplace happiness index are:

1. Getting People that Suits the Company: Getting the right people for the job is important but getting capable employees that aligns perfectly with the vision and mission of the company is a whole different ball game. This alignment will ensure that both the company and the employees are on the same page which will only enhance the happiness of the employees and the overall performance of the company.  It will also ensure that the employee can start contributing to the growth of the company from the get going.

2. The Feeling of Empowerment: Employees who have got the feeling that they have got the power to take independent decisions without no one interfering in it, will feel a greater satisfaction at the workplace. This increases the happiness of the employees and this will also encourage employees to start taking initiatives that will increase their leadership skills. The sense of empowerment will also ensure that the employees are much more engaged in their work resulting in better outcomes.

3. Appreciation is Important: Nothing else motivates the employees more than the feeling of appreciation. So it is crucial to develop a work culture where the employees feel appreciated for the work they are putting in. This is very important because nothing demotivates the employees’ more than not getting genuine appreciation for all the hard work they have put in. It will, in turn, start to adversely affect the performance of the employees too.  

4. Doing Work that has a Meaning: There is nothing that is a total waste of time and effort than doing meaningless work. Whatever work the employees are doing should have a meaning and purpose. The employees should get the feeling that what they are working on has a purpose and that work is contributing towards the betterment of the company. Doing meaningful work also increases the happiness of the employees which will help them to give more and work harder.

5. Being Unbiased: Treating employees with fairness and respect is key to getting the best out of them and this will also make them feel happy. So organizations should be careful to stay unbiased towards their employees. Being unfair also creates a divide among the employees which will only result in increasing the internal work conflicts and the degradation of the organizational work culture. These internal conflicts will also badly affect the brands’ goodwill, market value, and more importantly, its reputation.

6. Importance of Workplace Relationships: Creating a work environment where the employees can develop good relationships with their co-workers will only improve the work happiness of the employees. This will also help to reduce the workplace conflicts and office stresses. It will also help the company to create a supportive work culture in the organization that will further help the company to have a better employee retention ratio.

In the modern world of cut-throat business policies, organizations may not be able to give ample importance to the happiness of their employees and create the perfect work environment for them. The point is to develop a feel of belongingness and comfort for your employees in your organization that will help them to be happy, and give their all for the development of your company

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