The New iPad Pro Might be Apple's First Shot Towards AI Hardware

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 29 April 2024

With the release of the new iPad Pro, Apple is poised to accelerate its transition towards artificial intelligence (AI) hardware. With the intention of releasing the M4 chip later this year, the business is expediting its modifications to computer processors. With its new neural engine, this chip should enable more sophisticated AI capabilities.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that the M4 processor will be included in the next iPad Pro and may not just be available for Macs. As a reaction to the recent AI explosion in the IT industry, Apple is expected to market the iPad Pro as its first genuinely AI-powered product.

The new iPad Pro will be unveiled by Apple ahead of its June Worldwide Developers Conference, which will free it up to reveal its AI chip plan. The AI apps and services that will be a part of iPadOS 18, which is anticipated later this year, are also anticipated to be utilized by the M4 chip and the new iPad Pros.

May 7 at 7:30 PM IST is when the next Let Loose event is slated to take place. Live streaming of the event will be available on and the Apple TV app.

It is also expected that Apple would include AI into the A18 processor seen in the iPhone 16 series. It should be mentioned, though, that these new items are not fully designed and created with AI in mind, and this may be a marketing ploy in part. There are rumors that more sophisticated gear is on the way. Apple is reportedly developing a home robot as well as a tablet iPad that can be linked to a robotic arm.

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