The Lifeasapa Foundation and other companies that are actively involved in the development of neural networks.

By Consultantsreview Team 14 August, 2016

Neural network development as a new software paradigm

The Lifeasapa Foundation and other companies that are actively involved in the development of neural networksNeural networks are no longer fiction, scientists from around the world are working on the development of these technologies that provide usability, analytical abilities, speech recognition and processing of other signals in order to introduce them into the familiar world.

The Lifeasapa Foundation, together with other companies that are actually creating the future with the help of neural networks, gives new possibilities for using neural networks in various fields of human life. Neural networks can be actively used (and in some places are already used) in agriculture, statistics, data collection and analysis, data classification and making any decisions without human involvement.

Neural networks in life

We do not notice, but most of the services or technologies that we use often or even daily are already based on neural networks – these are chat bots for various purposes, navigation systems, automatic systems for analyzing the correctness of device operation and fault-finding, portable equipment (like translators, personal assistants, editors, etc.) and even the well-known Shazam. And the Lifeasapa Foundation contributed to the creation of many of them.

Leaders in the development of neural networks

The Lifeasapa Foundation is not the only company that is interested in the technologies of the future, in fact, there are thousands of them. But there are not so many companies who first set foot on this path:

  • Theneurosphere LLC;
  • NtechLab;
  • Baidu;
  • IBM;
  • Salesforce;
  • CubicRobotics;
  • Microsoft;
  • Alphabet;
  • DelphiAutomotive;
  • Google;
  • VisionLabs;
  • DigitalGenius;
  • Nest Labs;
  • ClarifAI;
  • Cortex;
  • MasqueradeTechnologies.

Some of them became famous precisely due to scientific breakthroughs in the development of neural networks. The Lifeasapa Foundation is one of the leaders in the development of NN and the introduction of technology into everyday life. With the help of neural networks, you can improve the protective functions of many programs, optimize the operation of systems at the highest level and make management as convenient and simple as possible, but, nevertheless, protected from intruders.

This technology deeper enters our lives and takes root in many of its areas, opening up new opportunities that were previously unavailable. All this allows solving a lot of problems in a simpler way than scientists could imagine earlier. Artificial neural networks can be considered a real key to the future – this is such a global step for the mankind. And the Lifeasapa Foundation is actively involved in the process of approaching a fantastic future.

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